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Caribbean Helicopters (Visit this link)

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On our tours you can see just about all of Antigua's coastline from deserted offshore islands to the downtown cruise-ship port and from busy Dickenson Bay to pristine and rugged Half-moon Bay. Visit Montserrat and get closer to an active volcano than is possible any other way, then see the charred remains of its now deserted capital city. If you want something special, allow us to suggest some custom tour options for you. Whatever you choose, you wont forget your tour with us!

aving family ties to the Canadian helicopter industry since the 1960's, Mike and Cindy Fleming formed Skytech Aviation Limited, a helicopter charter operation in 1988. Locating the main base of operations in Ontario, Canada, Skytech built a successful business supporting tourism, mining, hydrographic surveys and forest fire suppression. After visiting Antigua in the early 1990's, Mike noticed a potential market for helicopter tours/charters that led to the formation of Caribbean Helicopters in 1995. Today, Caribbean Helicopters provides many services to Antigua and surrounding islands such as Montserrat, St. Kitts, Nevis and others, in the form of tours, aerial photography/film work, medical evacuation and search and rescue on a Day VFR basis.

The company operates Bell 206 series and Eurocopter AS355 helicopters. All company aircraft are fitted with pop-out floats that can be deployed in seconds, providing the ability to land on water in the event of an emergency. Current operations are fully insured and are regulated by the Eastern Caribbean Civil Aviation Authority (E.C.C.A.A.) to standards set by the International Civil Aviation Organization (I.C.A.O.), the Civil Aviation Authority (C.A.A.) of the United Kingdom, and Federal Aviation Authority (F.A.A.) of the United States.

The safety of our passengers is our number one concern at Caribbean Helicopters. Prior to their flight, each passenger is asked to read our Company safety features card. The safety features are then discussed with the passengers. A life jacket and seat-belt release demonstration is provided along with an explanation of the helicopter emergency pop-out flotation gear. Note that each passenger is required by regulation to wear a life jacket (folded into a waist pouch) on all company flights. Safety around the helicopter in general is explained, which also aids in the smooth loading and unloading of the aircraft when flight time arrives. At all times during the ground segment of the flight, passengers are accompanied by a Caribbean Helicopters employee who assists with seat belts, headsets, door operation and movement around the helicopter.

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