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Nelson's Dockyard National Park (Visit this link)

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Antigua's National Parks reflect the diverse ecology, history, and biology of the island. With four stunning parks throughout the island, there is a wide range of natural and historic sites to visit.

Nelson?s Dockyard, the most visited park and home to the National Parks Authority, is a unique historical and natural gem. The only continually working Georgian Shipyard in the world, Nelson?s Dockyard retains its eighteenth-century charm with original, restored buildings and also serves as a world-class marina, hosting yachts from around the globe. In addition, the Nelson?s Dockyard National Park maintains several nature trails that offer stunning views of Falmouth and English Harbours and highlight the unique flora and fauna of the island. As the Dockyard is still a working facility, it houses several businesses associated with sailing and also includes gift shops, restaurants, and hotels. The Dockyard is also home to some of Antigua?s biggest events including Antigua Sailing Week.

Visiting our national parks can give you a multitude of experiences whether you are interested in learning more about Antigua?s heritage or enjoying its natural beauty.

Nelson's Dockyard National Park - Antigua Activities

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