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Atlantis Submarine Cayman Islands (Visit this link)

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Welcome to Atlantis Submarines Grand Cayman. The Cayman Islands are situated 450 miles south of Miami, Florida in the heart of the Caribbean. The crystal clear waters surrounding these special islands are world renowned for their rich marine life and there is no better way to experience this world than on the unique tours offered by Atlantis Adventures. The Atlantis harbor-front office is conveniently located in the capital city of George Town on Grand Cayman, the largest of the three Cayman Islands.

Atlantis Cayman offers you the complete range of underwater experiences without getting wet. The 48 passenger Atlantis Submarine is an advanced technological marvel. Discover the vast coral canyons and brilliant tropical fish of Cayman's National Marine Park to depths of 100 feet. The Seaworld Observatory was designed and built by Midship Marine Inc., of New Orleans La., specifically for Atlantis Inc. for viewing of the shallower reefs. Guests simply descend into the observatory and enter a wall-to-wall glass-viewing chamber gazing at teeming shallow reefs and shipwrecks.

Atlantis Submarine Cayman Islands - Grand Cayman Activities

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