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Golden Rock Dive Center (Visit this link)

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Welcome to Golden Rock Divers web site, we have made ever effort to give a good level of information here on what to expect with out overselling ourselves. We find that in this way the guests who choose us are never disappointed which is good for everyone. Simply put, St. Eustatius is a true treasure for divers in that it is very diverse diving with 8 different ecosystems. Put that together with a high level of protection, a small human population and you have a very health marine environment.

Our job is to provide you with good safe access combined with local knowledge and service. We see ourselves more as nature guides and enjoy showing our guests the best that St. Eustatius has to offer. Every customer counts on us and we always say if your not getting what you want to please let us know and we will do everything we can to make it happen.

While the diving and island are something special you may not hear much about us, the reason for this is we have less than a 100 hotel rooms on the island so there is little for big marketing campaigns. We have had to focus on word of mouth as are primary source and while it has taken longer to build up we now have a good following of customers who are more like family after sharing some amazing experiences together.

Golden Rock Dive Center - St Eustatius Activities

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