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The Fajardo Inn



Price Range Per Night:

$125 - 200
Beach: No
Pool: No
Golf Course: No
Casino: No
All Inclusive: No
Family Friendly: No
Internet Access: Yes

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What is Puerto Rico? It is an Island teeming with beauty and vitality. Some of it is Spanish, some Native Indian, some African and...something else. It all somehow blends together into a culture that you will find fascinating and one of a kind. These three cultures and a beautiful natural landscape provide this hotel in Puerto Rico its character. It is in this beautiful island that you will find our Puerto Rico resort.

The Fajardo Inn - San Juan Area Hotels

Location: San Juan Area, Puerto Rico

Hotel Type: Hotel and Resort

Contact Information:
Address: 52 Parcelas Beltran, Puerto Real, Puerto Rico,

Phone 1: (787) 860-6000
Phone 2:
Toll Free:
Fax: (787) 860-5063

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