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  Daphne's Cottage
Windwardside, Saba NA, Dutch West Indies
(603) 672-4552

Charming cottage with two bedrooms, beautifully refurbished in 2002. Large, private garden yard. Enjoy constant breezes and panoramic views of the town, ocean and Mt. Scenery. Conveniently located in Windwardside, the cottage is only a few minutes walk to several restaurants, shops and grocery stores.

Resting 1475 ft above sea level, in a 5400 sq/ft tropical garden, Daphne's cottage in the village of Windwardside, awaits your arrival for a weekend, one week, or more. The cottage was built in 1850 on the island of Saba (Netherlands Antilles).

The cottage conveniently sits 300 ft from downtown, overlooking Windwardside. You will enjoy a panoramic view, facing south-east, nestled in a friendly neighborhood. Daphne's Cottage has been completely refurbished with respect for island traditions. Daphne Johnson was the last native owner of the house.

From the rear, Daphne offers a private sitting area with views to Mt. Scenery and Maskehorne. The front porch (or as the locals call it "the gallery") lets you watch the world go by in Windwardside with ocean views as well. The large garden is meticulously groomed (you can even practice putting!) with a variety of flowering plants. There are chaise lounge chairs for afternoon sunbathing or late afternoon relaxing.

Inside, this 750-square foot home has all you need: living room, 2 bedrooms with queen size beds, American - style kitchen, 1 bathroom and private outdoor patio for evening dining. The house is furnished with brand new equipment throughout. Comfortable for 2 persons, a party of 3 or 2 couples.
A state-of-the-art audio/DVD installation will help you settle in at night and relax. Choose from a wide selection of CDs and DVDs to enjoy for free (or you can always bring your own).

The TV is intentionally not connected to cable or satellite. We go to Saba to get away from everyday life. Everything you'll need to enjoy a relaxing stay is right here - including a wide selection of books, CDs and DVDs.
Take a break and forget the ?real? world. You will discover the enchanting characteristics of this island in no time.

The pace and friendliness of Saba's 1400 inhabitants is infectious. 

You'll be waving 'hello' and wishing strangers a 'good morning' before you realize your transformation! 

If you shed some tears of sadness on the day you leave, you won't be the first. No traffic jams, no crime, no cruise ship crowds, no bolts on the doors. You will discover a rare an unspoiled corner of the Caribbean. What are you waiting for?

Price Range:   $75-124
Category:   Rental
Features:   Has internet
Is family friendly
Address:   Windwardside, Saba NA, Dutch West Indies
Phone:   (603) 672-4552
Fax:   0590 590 87 4848
Website:   Click here to visit website
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