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Press Release 2011

Montserrat's Product Showcased in Caribbean Travel & Life Magazine

Information on Montserrat eco tours and mountain chicken research project

Press Release 2011

Montserrat (September 27, 2011) - Montserrat was featured in Caribbean Travel and Life Magazine, following a visit by journalist, Andrew McCarthy and Photographer, Zach Stovall in Mid-February 2011.

The eleven-page full colour spread showcased the different sites and attractions on the island as well as a number of personalities who have helped to shape the story.

The feature described firstly the writer's encounter with Murphy, owner of Murphy's corner, a small rustic bar in Carr's Bay and John Ponteen who owns Pont's Bar in Little Bay. Mention was also made of Danny Sweeney, local fisherman and bar owner and Gary Moore, who owns and operates Gary Moore's Wide Awake Bar in Salem. The article ended with a listing of essentials while visiting Montserrat which includes: getting here, where to stay, where to eat, where to drink and what to do.

Scriber's Adventure Tours
Tourism Challenge Fund recipient, James 'Scriber' Daley of Scriber's Adventure Tours Project, continues to enhance his tours by offering a wide variety of tropical tour experiences for visitors to Montserrat as well as for locals.

These tours include bird watching, bat cave excursions, turtle watching, mountain climbing, volcano tours, guided research tours and trail tours.

Scriber who has a passion for birds, natural habitats and creatures has been working with the Forestry Division for the Government of Montserrat for over 25 years.

Scriber is the mainguide for hikers, scientists researching birds and other wildlife, and even the police when they request assistance with search and rescue within the forest.

Mountain Chicken Research Project
The Department of Environment along with the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and various other international partners have come together to try and save the mountain chickens, one of the world's largest species of frogs also called in scientific terms the Leptodactylus fallax.

Montserrat is one of only two sites where the once-common mountain chicken (previously one of Montserrat's delicacies) is found, but hundreds of the frogs have been killed by the outbreak of the chytrid fungus. With the help of the Darwin Initiative funding body, a 3-year project has been launched to conduct pioneering research into the fungus and how it operates within the mountain chicken population.

This is in an attempt to gain a better understanding of how the frogs are affected by the fungus with the view to developing the most effective methods of increasing their chances of survival.


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