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Here is fun in the sun you can take all the way to the hundreds of banks in this offshore tax haven. Comprising three islands and a population just over 30,000, the Cayman Islands were recently the setting for the hit Tom Cruise film: The Firm. Diving is big in the Caymans. In fact, treasure hunter and expert diver Herbert Humphreys is headquartered in the island capital of George Town.

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The Caymans were "discovered" by Christopher Columbus in 1503 and settled by the British in 1655, they still retain much of the British heritage. They are a British Crown Colony complete with a Royal Governor who represents Britain's monarch as Head of State. For those arriving by cruise ship, there is a mini-bus tour that costs $20. One of the stops is called Hell and has a post office for mailing such messages as: "You told me to go to Hell and here I am." The hamlet of Hell sports "hellis" outcroppings of black rock.

For a more heavenly experience, visit the Turtle Farm, combination zoo/sanctuary/breeding farm for the endangered green sea turtle. Another popular attraction is Conch House, a cottage with 2,000 of these pink shells and resembling a gingerbread house lost in the tropics.

Other attractions include the two-storey Cayman Islands National Museum, the 3-year-old Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park and the secluded beach at Rum Point.

For truly tasty dining, try grilled fresh-caught fish in a spicy Cayman Island gravy with rice and beans cooked in coconut milk.

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