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The Bahamas

Nassau, Cable Beach & Paradise Island (143)
New Providence island in The Bahamas is the island most visitors erroneously call Nassau. That's because it is the site of the nation's capital, named in 1695 for the Dutch Prince of Orange-Nassau after he took over the British throne. Since about two-thirds of the Bahamian population lives on the relatively small island of New Providence, it is the mouse that roars. Recent years have seen millions of dollars invested in Nassau, Cable Beach, & Paradise Island. Paradise Island is home to the popular Atlantis Paradise Island Resort in The Bahamas.
Grand Bahama Island (59)
Grand Bahama Island is The Bahamas second major visitor destination. Home to Freeport and Lucaya, Grand Bahama offers a host of activities for the environmentally sensitive. They include eco-adventures such as kayaking, hiking and jeep tours through remote areas for a close-up look at mangroves, birds and marine life. Or you can snorkel on a spectacular reef, ride horseback along trails and beaches or enjoy the sheer beauty of nature in wild and cultivated settings. For those not adventure-prone, Freeport/Lucaya Bahamas boasts Port Lucaya Marketplace and the International Bazaar for shopping and dining.
The Abacos (24)
The Abaco islands in The Bahamas are really a crescent shaped mini-archipelago comprising 130 square miles of landmass, 82 off-lying cays and 208 rocks.They are The Bahamas' jewels in the crown, according to long-time, fiercely loyal Abaco residents. Just under 200 miles east of Palm Beach, FL, and distinctly distant from concrete jungles, these serene islands are renowned for clear turquoise waters, coral reefs and silky beaches. Popular Abaco Bahamas destinations are Marsh Harbour, Treasure Cay, picturesque Hope Town on Elbow Cay, Green Turtle Cay and Man of War Cay.
Long Island (17)
The Atlantic side of Long Island in The Bahamas is a dramatic rocky shoreline. The lee side is the essence of tranquillity, fringed with soft sandy beaches. Bahamian artists consider Long Island, believed to have been visited by Christopher Columbus in 1492, is the beauty queen of the country. Long Island is 173 square miles and located 160 miles southeast of Nassau, Bahamas. Clarence Town is the largest settlement on Long Island. Tourism in Long Island revolves around two major resorts, Stella Maris and Cape Santa Maria.
Eleuthera & Harbour Island (37)
The most striking thing about Eleuthera and Harbour Island is nature – the Atlantic pounding into the high cliffs that fringe the eastern side of the island, and its verdant rolling hills. At 100 miles long and barely two miles at its widest, it’s hard to get far from Eleuthera’s pink- and white-sand beaches.
The Exumas (29)
The Exumas sweep down the middle of The Bahamas forming the western rim of the incredibly deep Exuma Sound. The necklace of some 365 cays stretches nearly 100 miles from Beacon Cay, about 35 miles east of Nassau, to Little Exuma near the northern tip of Long Island.
Bimini (17)
Bimini consists of a group of tiny islands in The Bahamas – North and South Bimini, Gun Cay, Cat Cay and some other islets – about 50 miles east of Miami. These islands define the northwestern fringe of the Great Bahama Bank, and lie along the eastern side of the fish-rich Gulf Stream.
Inagua (16)
Great Inagua is the southernmost and the third-largest island of The Bahamas. Lake Windsor occupies almost one-quarter of the interior. Inagua National Park is the 287-square-mile home of the world’s largest colony of West Indian flamingos.
Mayaguana (16)
The least developed and visited, Mayaguana is the eastern-most island of The Bahamas. Mostly farmers, fishermen, children and seniors, all noted for their friendliness, populate the main settlements of Betsy Bay, Pirates Well and Abraham’s Bay.
Cat Island (18)
Rolling hills, dense natural forest and pristine beaches make up the luscious topography of Cat Island, which has the highest elevation in The Bahamas. Mount Alvernia, at 206 ft above sea level, offers 360-degree views.
Andros (19)
Andros is a centre for diving and bonefishing activity. Along the eastern shore is the mile-deep Tongue of the Ocean and the Western Hemisphere’s second-largest barrier reef. Hand-batiked fabric known as Androsia has been the quintessential souvenir and product of Andros since 1973.
Acklins & Crooked Island (16)
Acklins Island is long, narrow and hilly, with numerous caves and bays along its western shores. A ferry links Acklins to Crooked Island. The islands enclose a shallow lagoon known as the Bight of Acklins, a popular cruising ground for shallow-draft vessels. The atoll also includes Long Cay, southwest of Crooked Island and Castle Island off the southern tip of Acklins.
Ragged Island (15)
Ragged Island is part of a 110-mile arc of islands that includes the Jumentos Cays stretching from the southern tip of Long Island down towards Cuba. Duncan Town, the only village on the island, has a population of about 80.
Rum Cay (16)
Rum Cay in The Bahamas, a small, sparsely populated island, is mainly flat but has a few rolling hills rising to about 130 feet. Christopher Columbus named the island Santa Maria De La Conception.
The Berry Islands (17)
With only 12 square miles of land spread among some 380 square miles of ocean along the northeastern rim of the Great Bahama Bank, the Berry Islands in The Bahamas offer great fishing, yachting and diving opportunities.
San Salvador (19)
San Salvador in the Bahamas was the first landfall of Christopher Columbus on his initial voyage in 1492. Four widely separated monuments mark the exact spot Columbus came ashore, but it is believed that he landed at Long Bay where a big stone cross now stands. San Salvador has miles of pristine and secluded beaches, and underwater visibility of up to 150 feet. The island is dotted with monuments, ruins, and other interesting places


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