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Curacao | Frequently Asked Questions

General Info, Travel Info, & FAQs are provided to assist with your vacation.

What is the population?
The population of Curaçao is approximately 150,000.

How big is the country/island?
Curaçao is 38 miles long and 2-7.5 miles wide for a total surface area of 171 sq mi.

Can I drink the tap water?
Tap water is distilled from the sea and is safe to drink.

What are the best things to buy here?
Duty-free items include designer shoes, leather goods, cameras, electronics, perfume, watches, jewellery, china and cigars.

For souvenirs with local flavour look for handmade folklore dolls, ceramic replicas of local buildings, woven baskets, glassware, pottery, paintings, sculptures and note cards made by local artists. Square nickels and fifty-cent pieces are also popular souvenirs.

Are there nude beaches?
Public nudity is illegal, although topless sunbathing is tolerated on some resort beaches.

What are the main industries?
The main industries are tourism, shipping and oil refining.

What is the drinking/gambling age?
The legal drinking and gambling age is 18 years.

What native dishes should I try?
Local dishes include kabritu (stewed goat), yuana (stewed iguana), fried fish, karko (conch, pronounced conk), stewed corned beef with green papaya, kónkómber (local cucumbers) or cabbage, beef and chicken. Side dishes include aros moro (peas and rice), potatoes or funchi (boiled cornmeal paste), tutu (funchi mixed with beans and sugar) and fried plantains. For a starter try sopi di banana (plantain soup), yambo (okra) or kadushi (cactus soup).

For dessert try sunchi (meringue "kisses"), panseiku (a kind of praline), djente kachó (chunks of coconut cooked in a sugar syrup), kokada (grated coconut patties), ko'i lechi (milk-based vanilla or almond squares or circles), tentalaria (ground peanuts or cashews in a sugar cream) and zjozjoli (chewy sesame seed bars).

Can I use my calling card from here?
Directory assistance:
Long distance operator, 021
International enquiries, 022
Local enquiries, 9221

AT&T: Service is available for calling the US only from phones marked Lenso. Dial 001-800-872-2881 + area code + local number and follow the voice prompts.

BT: no service available

Canada Direct: no service available

MCI MinutePass: Service is available at hotels, pay phones and ports of entry. Dial 001-800-888-8000.

Sprint: Dial 1-800-877-8000 to reach an automated voice response unit.

For more information see the section in General Info: Telecommunications.

How should I dress to go out?
Light, casual tropical wear is suitable, although smart casual is more suited for evening events. It is unacceptable to wear bathing suits, short shorts and short tank tops in public. Some casinos require men to wear jackets. You may want to bring a light sweater/jacket for evenings or indoors where it is air conditioned.

Can I use my hair dryer and electric shaver?
Electricity is 127/120 VAC, 50 cycles, which is similar to the North American standard (110 volts, 60 cycles), but not exact. Most 60-cycle appliances will work, but some may overheat if used too long (such as curling irons and hair dryers) or not keep the correct time. You may want to use a surge protector for sensitive electronics.

How much should I tip?
Although restaurants usually add 10% and most hotels add 12% service charge to the bill, these are not considered tips, so you may choose to leave a little extra. Tip taxi drivers 10% and porters NAFl 1 per bag.

Disclaimer: Information is provided as a service to visitors and is updated regularly. All information should be verified prior to travel.

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