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Cayman Islands | Frequently Asked Questions

General Info, Travel Info, & FAQs are provided to assist with your vacation.

What is the population?
The population of the Cayman Islands is estimated to be about 46,600 as of July 2007.

How big is the country/island?
The Cayman Islands comprise a total of 102 sq miles. Grand Cayman is 22 miles long with an average width of four miles for a total of 76 sq miles. Cayman Brac is 12 miles long with an average width of 1.25 miles for a total of 15 sq miles. Little Cayman is 10 miles long with an average width of about one mile for a total of 10 sq miles.

Can I drink the tap water?
It is safe to drink the tap water, which is mostly desalinated salt water.

What are the best things to buy here?
Look for duty-free watches, china, crystal, perfume, jewellery and designer fashions, which can be about 30% less expensive than at home.

For local souvenirs look for shell jewellery, thatch work, woodcarvings, Caymanian-style birdhouses, crocheted items, pepper sauces, tropical fruit jams, honey, Caymanite (Cayman's semi-precious stone) jewellery and sculptures, antique and treasure coin jewellery, Tortuga rum, rum cakes and gourmet food products. The Philatelic Bureau (tel 946-4757) in Seven Mile Beach sells First Day covers and back issues of Cayman Islands stamp issues.

Are there nude beaches?
Public nudity, including topless bathing, is prohibited by law in the Cayman Islands.

What are the main industries?
The main industries are tourism, financial services, construction, construction materials and furniture.

What is the drinking/gambling age?
The legal drinking age is 18 years.

Law prohibits gambling in the Cayman Islands.

What native dishes should I try?
The traditional national dish of the Cayman Islands is turtle, served as a soup, stew or braised turtle steaks. Other native dishes include jerk chicken, pork, shrimp, cow foot, oxtail, salt fish (codfish cured in salt) and ackee (a fruit cooked as a vegetable), salt beef, and conch (pronounced konk) made into stew, fritters and chowders. For a side dish try rice and peas (rice and red kidney beans cooked with coconut milk, ham bone or bacon and spices), yam, plantain and breadfruit or cassava (both with a similar taste to potato). For a traditional dessert try heavy cake, made from grated raw cassava, papaya, cornmeal, yam and other starchy products to form a dense, sweet, brown-sugary confection.

Can I use my calling card from here?
Directory assistance:
Operator and international call bookings, 0
Directory enquiries, 411

AT&T: Service is available from pay phones (may require a coin or card deposit) and select hotels, airports and cruise docks using AT&T Calling Cards, AT&T Corporate Cards, American Express, Diners Club, Discover, MasterCard and Visa. Dial 1-800-872-2881 + area code + local number and follow the voice prompts.

From any phone you can also dial 1-800 CALL USA to use US calling cards and major credit cards.

BT: no service available

Canada Direct: Service is available on public pay phones with calling cards from Bell, MTS, Aliant, SaskTel and Telus. Dial 1-800-744-2580 to reach a Canadian operator directly.

MCI MinutePass: no service available

Sprint: Dial 1-800-366-4663. Calls can only be made to the US (including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Guam, and Saipan/Mariana Islands).

For more information see the section in General Info: Telecommunications.

How should I dress to go out?
Smart casual resort wear is suitable for days and evenings throughout the islands. Beach wear should only be worn at the beach or around the pool.

Can I use my hair dryer and electric shaver?
Electricity is 110 AC, 60 Hz, which is the same as in North America.

How much should I tip?
In general tip about 15-20%. Some restaurants automatically add your tip to the bill so check first as it is not necessary to leave more. Some hotels may also add a 5-6% service charge to your bill. Tip taxi drivers 10-15% and an additional $1 per bag if they carry your bags. Tip bell staff $1-$2 per bag; housekeeping staff $1-$2 per day (at the end of your stay); valet parking attendants $1-$2; hotel shuttle van drivers at least $1 per person; and fishing and dive boat captains and crew $10-$20, which will be split amongst the crew.

Disclaimer: Information is provided as a service to visitors and is updated regularly. All information should be verified prior to travel.

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