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What's your scent?

Let astrology help you choose


Astrologers base their ideas on the position of the planets and the sun at a person's time of birth, but it is not an exact science. Even an avid astrology buff will admit that the stars "impel, not compel."

For this reason, many use astrology as an amusement rather than as a serious outline of their character traits. With this in mind, let What-to-do help you decide what scent to wear based on your astrological sign.

capricorn the goat
December 23-January 19
Personality: Those born under the sign of the goat are said to be excellent suitors. They concentrate on the art of finding and sharing sensual pleasure. Occasionally they are overly ambitious and tied to tradition.
Scents for women: Chanel No 5, Fendi
Scents for men: Gucci pour Homme, Dunhill Desire

aquarius the water bearer
January 20-February 19
Personality: Aquarians often seem impersonal; more friend than lover. They will try anything new and original, and prefer fragrances with an exotic blend. They enjoy being stimulated intellectually and are often brilliant.
Scents for women: Escada Island Kiss, Organza IndEcence
Scents for men: Kenzo pour Homme, Nothing for men

pisces the fish
February 20-March 20
Personality: Dreamy and romantic, Pisceans belong to the element of water and are ruled by secret undercurrents or desires and an elusive charm. They should avoid swimming through life casually, enjoying the moment without thoughts of the future.
Scents for women: Amarige, Rochas PoupEe
Scents for men: Cool Water, Lalique pour Homme

Aries the ram
March 21-April 20
Personality: Known for flash and dash, the fiery sign of Aries is ruled by the brain as well as the heart. They appreciate intellect and need someone stimulating and imaginative.
Scents for women: Fred Hayman 273 Indigo, Perry Ellis 360 degree
Scents for men: Mont Blanc Individuel,; (Pi) by Givenchy

April 21-May 21
Personality: The Taurus female is usually very feminine, surrounded by beautiful scents and expensive clothes. The Taurus man is the strong, silent type known for his good taste.
Scents for women: Lalique, Shalimar
Scents for men: Aquaman, Faconnable

May 22-June 21
Personality: Variety is the spice of life for Gemini men and women. This sign has a dual personality and the "twins" rarely stick to one fragrance.
Scents for women: Burberry Brit, White Witch
Scents for men: Claiborne Sport, Goombay

cancer the crab
June 22-July 23
Personality: Cancerians seldom throw a thing away, least of all a perfume bottle. Home and security is important to Cancerians, and they can be somewhat moody.
Scents for women: OP Juice for Her, Pink Pearl
Scents for men: Burberry Touch, Givenchy pour Homme Blue Label

leo the lion
July 24-August 23
Personality: Leo is a fire sign and, apart from being hot-blooded, loves to lavish gifts on loved ones. On the other hand, Leos can be vain and a little dogmatic.
Scents for women: Allure, Paris, Reggae Splash
Scents for men: Escada pour Homme, Pirate's Gold

virgo the virgin
August 24-September 23
Personality: Virgoans are givers rather than takers, and also tend to be fussy and a little old-fashioned. In keeping with the symbol of the Virgin, they can be virtuous and a little prudish.
Scents for women: Organza First Light, White Linen
Scents for men: Lapidus, Michael Jordan

libra the scales
September 24-October 23
Personality: Librans are notoriously indecisive, but all they really need is love. Venus, their ruler, endows them with an appreciation for beauty and they tend to fall in and out of love easily.
Scents for women: Escada Magnetism, White Diamonds
Scents for men: OP Blend, Sand

scorpio the scorpion
October 24-November 22
Personality: Scorpio is supposed to be the sexiest sign of the zodiac, deep and mysterious and unpredictable. When they commit themselves, however, it is all or nothing.
Scents for women: Perry Woman, Ysatis, Cartier Le Baiser du Dragon
Scents for men: Guanahani, Lacoste

sagittarius the archer
November 23-December 22
Personality: This Don Juan of the zodiac tends to have a roving eye and always seems to be in the right place at the right time. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of indulgence, and is jovial, optimistic and easy-going.
Scents for women: L'Air du Temps, Wish
Scents for men: Island Promises, Perry Ellis Portfolio Green.


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