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Press Release 2012

Turnbull's Gut Cavern Is Top Andros Dive Site

Bird watching is highlight of an Andros vacation

Press Release 2012

Andros, Bahamas (September 28, 2012) - The dive staff have been out and about getting in some diving on the weekend. Recently they went to Turnbull's Gut (named after long time friend of Small Hope).

This is a stunning wall dive running along theTongue of the Oceanwith an excellent swim-through created from a large coral fissure. The top of the wall is around 80 feet toped with a variety of great soft and hard corals.

Then you descend down into "Turnbull's Gut", a cavern that falls out into the deep blue abyss! When you exit this amazing dive you are at around 120 feet and futher down? and a part of the Tongue of the Ocean.

But don't think we aren't getting any work done, on Saturday 24th we help ANCAT, with the globally organised Dive Against Debris.

Bird watching at Small Hope
So if you watch the video with Jonathon Bird you will know that the greatest attractions at Small Hope are all the things nature has given us in the pristine virgin island of Andros.

Here are some of the really interesting animals we have seen in the last few months.
Out on the Nature trail we saw a Roseate spoon bill, just down the beach from the bar we have our resident Pelican and just down the beach near Davis Creek, a breeding pair of Ospreys have made their home. You can see them regularly buzzing the dock like Jeff in his plane.

In the water we saw Blacktip reef sharks. While rare on the reef, they are not unheard of and were a great treat for our divers. Talking of treats, Erin our new Dive Master was very lucky to see a juvenile Scrawled File Fish while getting ready for a dive; it came right up under the dock.

We are also very pleased to say a great big hello to our resident Octopus who's back at the old compressor frame just a short snorkel away. Ask us about him when you visit.


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