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Travel & Leisure ranks Virgin Gorda as "Best Island" in the Caribbean, Bermuda, and Bahamas

Virgin Gorda joins recognized for world-class sailing, spectacular snorkeling, the luxurious accommodations and charming Jewels of the BVI


Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands (July 11, 2007) - Virgin Gorda was revealed in Travel & Leisure as the "Best Island" in the Caribbean, Bermuda, and the Bahamas. The 12th annual poll encourages readers to name the very best in travel. Virgin Gorda joins the ranks from hotels to cities to islands as recognition for its world-class sailing, spectacular snorkeling, the luxurious accommodations and charming Jewels of the BVI, Mother Nature¡¯s iconic work of art at The Baths and so much more. Nancy Novogrod, editor-in-chief of Travel + Leisure said, ¡°This year's results underline T+L readers' ever-increasing embrace of global travel in their search for distinctive and authentic experiences. I'd like to welcome Virgin Gorda back to its 2001 slot as the best island in the Caribbean, Bermuda, and the Bahamas.¡±

Creating the eastern most border of the British Virgin Islands, Virgin Gorda -- named by Christopher Columbus in 1493 for her long shape and belly-like feature -- beckons sailors from all ports-of-call to discover her bountiful gifts. A short sail from the main island of Tortola, just 19 kilometres across the Sir Francis Drake Channel, Virgin Gorda tempts visitors with the best of both beaches and mountains -- flat, powdery sands on the south side and lush vegetation on peaks and hills running along the spine of the north shore. Sitting more than 366 meters above the sunlit sea in a natural preserve of mahogany trees, Gorda Peak (the belly of the Virgin), provides panoramic views of the necklace of islands below, from remote Anegada high in the north to the smaller Fallen Jerusalem and Round Rock to the south.

Perhaps best known for her natural masterpieces, the Virgin stretches 16 square kilometres long and features uninhabited beaches. Located at the tip of the Virgin¡¯s southwest legs are the most notable beaches on the island -- The Baths -- whose mysterious origins are thought to be from eons of evolution. The initial trail leading down to The Baths provides a hint of what is yet to be experienced as huge stones and twisted branches overhead line the way. Anticipation heightens as the first slender beach is reached, laden with granite boulders stacked and strewn across the white sand with palms appearing to grow out of the stones.

The BVI, consistently recognized as one of the most breathtaking destinations in the world and the undisputed Sailing Capital of the World, presents 60 islands for exploring its secrets. The BVI is rich with the storied islands of Norman (the inspiration for Robert Louis Stevenson¡¯s ¡°Treasure Island,¡±) Dead man¡¯s Chest and Anegada, while the islands of Peter, Necker, and Guana anchor luxury resorts and sun worshippers find a haven on Jost van Dyke and Cooper Island.


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