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Press Release 2012

Exciting Updates From Bucati and Tara Beach Resorts

Bucati and Tara Beach Resorts partner with popular restaurant Carte Blanche

Press Release 2012

Aruba (August 8, 2012) - We have a number of exciting updates to share with you here at Bucuti & Tara Beach Resorts beginning with the announcement of our partnership with the popular restaurant Carte Blanche.

Like Bucuti, Carte Blanche has earned a number one TripAdvisor ranking on the island of Aruba and we are thrilled to be able to offer our guests this unique dining experience right on property. Dining at Carte Blanche is based around a chef's table concept with the focal point being Chef Dennis van Daatselaar preparing a five-course "chef surprise" meal, right in front of the diners. Fine wines and premium drinks are paired with the meal, expertly selected and presented by the charming Maitre d' Glen Bonset.

We plan on welcoming Carte Blanche into a new space that is being created in the garden, adjacent to the Tara Lounge. Due to popularity and extremely limited seating, reservations will be required for for dinner five nights a week, beginning January 2013. Bucuti's beachfront restaurant, led by outstanding restaurateur Kurt Hoffmann, will continue ?to serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, every day of the week as well.

Tara Lounge Extension
To accommodate the 14-seat chef's table dining experience, Carte Blanche, we will add an extension to the Tara Lounge in the adjacent garden. As we will be busy with this wonderful addition, we thought it would be a perfect time to convert our fitness center to an air-conditioned facility. Both enhancements will be done without actual construction on property, but rather with an installation of prefabricated elements.

We are very excited about the innovative prefab design which will match our architecture nicely. The process will take 11 weeks, from September 24 to December 5, 2012. We have made arrangements to minimize any disruption and ensure our guests' enjoyment and comfort.

The work will be carried out between 9:30 am and 6:30 pm, Monday through Saturday.

The site will be screened in, and feature a sneak peek with a life-size artist rendering of the new facility. To add some suspense and be completely transparent, a live webcam stream will allow you to follow every minute of the project's progress. Meanwhile,Tara Lounge will continue to be available for breakfast during those dates, and our fitness center will be temporarily relocated into an air-conditioned area nearby.

Below is the design of the extension of the Tara Lounge and the new fitness center, as seen from the garden. We hope you are as pleased as we are about this exciting addition to our resort offerings.

Bucuti & Tara Beach Resorts is once again the proud recipient of the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence Award! This award is given to only 10 percent of accommodations listed and recognizes establishments who have stood out among traveler reviews on the world's largest travel site.

Thank you for sharing your Bucuti experiences and helping us earn this honor!

Adding to our growing list of more than two dozen environmental awards and certifications, Green Globe has awarded Bucuti & Tara Beach Resorts the Highest Achievement Award as the top performing sustainable travel & tourism business in the Caribbean. This recognition is the result of earning the highest percentage of sustainability indicators under the Green Globe Standard for Travel & Tourism including criteria based on sustainable management, social economics, cultural heritage and environmental practices.

As a leader in the green movement in hospitality for the past 25 years, Bucuti has set the benchmark in sustainable tourism including being one of the first resorts in the Caribbean to be officially Green Globe certified and the first in the Americas and the Caribbean to be certified ISO 14001. This year we accomplished renewals after passing audits for our ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and Travelife certifications.

Adults Only
In keeping with our goal of providing a tranquil environment for all guests, Bucuti & Tara Beach Resorts has expanded the adults-only policy to include dining. Since becoming an adults-only resort in 2011 we have received positive feedback from guests and therefore made a concerted effort to continue to create an atmosphere where couples can come to relax and reconnect. This year we added the policy to our beach-side restaurant, which is also frequented by guests from other hotels at times.

There are many hotel options here on the beautiful island of Aruba that welcome children, but only one solely focused on creating a peaceful experience exclusively for adults.

We are proud to be that one and look forward to continue providing the serene vacation experience our guests are seeking.

A New Look at the Beach - Umbrellas!
While taking a stroll on Eagle Beach or soaking up some sun you may recall having seen a number of thatched huts (palapas) in front of Bucuti.

While our resort area is reserved exclusively for our guests all beaches here in Aruba are public and since the palapas were considered permanent structures they were available for public use.

In an effort to maintain the tranquil atmosphere at Bucuti and retain the facilities for the sole use of our guests we have replaced the structures with large umbrellas.

Unlike the palapas, we are able to close, or even remove, umbrellas on the beach, so our resort staff can manage their use and provide them to guests seeking shade.

In addition, the fabric umbrellas avoid us having to import palm leaves from abroad, which is not an eco-friendly practice, as there are not enough leaves available on the island.

Not only do these new umbrellas provide shade on a hot day but they also keep the beach looking pleasantly uncluttered and do not take attention away from the natural beauty of the pristine beachfront.

Maintaining the look and feel of the resort is of the utmost importance to us and we aim to provide our guests with a high quality product in all areas. We hope you enjoy them throughout your stay!

New Voices in Reservations
We are delighted to have welcomed two new reservations specialists to the Bucuti family.

On the U.S. side we say a grateful and appreciative thank you and goodbye to Jill Blase after her many dedicated years helping our guests with great care, and we welcome Julie Larson.

Julie has taken over with the same attention to detail and commitment to customer service, and we are lucky to have her fully trained by Jill herself.

We Want to Hear From You
In an effort to continue finding ways to reduce our environmental impact we have replaced our paper guest comment cards with an electronic system.

Now guests will receive a questionnaire via their email within 24 hours of checking out. This system allows us to receive, follow up and keep track of the valuable feedback we receive, so that we may correct our mistakes and continue to improve the overall Bucuti experience.

The electronic form will also provide our guests an opportunity to name associates that offered excellent and personalized service to them. The associates mentioned will be entered into our Bucuti's Best program for a possible financial prize.

Please note that we no longer will be handing out paper questionnaires at check-out or need to have them in the rooms. We are happy to have made this transition and to continue our valuable conversation with our guests, even after their vacation comes to an end.

Let Us Get the Door
Continuing in our ongoing resort upgrades we have added automatic sliding doors to the entry lobby. Guests will now be able to glide easily through our doors, with their suitcases in hand, to begin their memorable stay.

Additionally Tara now has a new door that easily slides open with the simple touch of a guest key!

New Uniforms
We have introduced new uniforms at the resort, adding a little more color:

What's in a Name
We are often asked by our guests what Bucuti means and why the name Tara The answers are simple and I am happy to share the story.

Like many visitors, I fell in love with the island of Aruba while on holiday.

So much so that I moved to the island in the early 1970s and began working with a number of businesses prior to developing Bucuti & Tara Beach Resorts.

Amidst the craze of construction and paperwork that comes with such an undertaking I was fortunate enough to find a special location on the south side of the island that served as a sanctuary for me.

Whenever I was in need of a break I would take a small boat out to a quiet reef named Bucuti. It was this respite from the everyday world that not only helped me, but helped shape the experience we set out to create for guests.

Therefore Bucuti became our resort's namesake, representing my island of beach and tranquility within our island.

After opening Bucuti in 1987 we were fortunate enough to receive immediate praise, and quickly developed a loyal base of guests, some of which still join us today.

Building on this success we decided to expand the resort in 2004. While an expansion meant we were able to welcome additional guests we needed to maintain the environment and experience we had so carefully created.

This could not simply be as easy as designing and building a standard hotel. We had set out to build a shining star or as it's translated in Sanskrit, a Tara.

We hope that the feeling of tranquility I was fortunate enough to experience at the Bucuti reef and the vision we held of a shining star are felt by each of guests.


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