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Montserrat | Travel Information

General Info, Travel Info, & FAQs are provided to assist with your vacation.

Visitors are allowed to bring in 200 cigarettes, 50 cigars, half a pound of tobacco, 40 ounces of alcohol, and six ounces of perfume duty free.

For more information call the Customs Department at 664/491-3816 or 491-2456.

Also see the section in General Info: Illegal items.

For information on temporarily importing your pet call the veterinary department of the Ministry of Agriculture, Trade and the Environment at tel 664/491-2546 or 491-2075.

Flights arrive at the new Gerald's Airport (airport code MNI) from Antigua, which connects Montserrat to the rest of the world. Winair (tel 491-6988 or 491-6030) offers several daily return flights between Antigua's V C Bird International Airport (airport code ANU) and Montserrat.

Airlines that service Antigua include Air Canada (tel 800/744-2472 or 268/462-1147), Air Caribes (tel 268/462-2523), Air Jamaica (tel 268/462-8916), American Airlines/American Eagle (tel 268/462-0950), British Airways (tel 268/462-0876), BWIA West Indies Airways/Caribbean Airlines (tel 800/538-2942 or 268/480-2900), Carib Aviation (tel 268/481-2400), Caribbean Star (tel 268/480-2560), Caribbean Sun (tel 268/461-7827), Condor (tel 800/524-6975), Continental Airlines (tel 268/462-5353), LIAT (tel 268/480-5610), Sunsail Airways, US Air (tel 800/622-1015), Virgin Atlantic (tel 800/744-7477 or 268/560-2079) and Winair (tel 268/462-2522/3). Note: The phone numbers listed above are local access numbers for Antigua.

Caribbean Helicopters (tel 268/460-5900) operates charter flights between Antigua and Montserrat. The flight takes about 20 minutes.

Ferries operate between St John's in Antigua and the port at Little Bay in Montserrat. The trip takes about one hour. For more information contact Montserrat Aviation Services (tel 664/491-6994).

There are plenty of car rental agencies on the island. You can also rent bicycles. To rent a car you will need to purchase a temporary Montserrat driver's license, which you can purchase for EC$50 at your port of entry or Police Headquarters in Brades or Salem. Ensure you bring your valid driver's license from home or an international driver's license.

Roads are generally in good condition, however, they are winding, steep and narrow in mountainous regions, and mudflows are common in the Belham Valley after heavy rainfall.

There are only two gas stations on the island: A&F Service Station (tel 491-6204) in Sweeney's (open Mon-Thurs 7am-8pm, Fri-Sat 7am-9pm, Sun 4-8pm) and Tower Hill Service Station (tel 491-4070) in St Peter's (open Mon-Sat 7am-9pm).

Driving is on the left.

Note: It is illegal to enter the Exclusion Zone in the southern part of the island where the Soufriere Hills volcano erupted. The boundary of the zone is from Plymouth and southwards to St Patrick's through Windy Hill and Harris and down to the east coast at the site of W H Bramble Airport. A small portion of the area, including St George's Hill, has been reopened to allow entry into the area between 6am and 6pm daily. Maps are available at police stations and points of entry.

In the event of volcanic activity an island-wide siren system will sound. Tune in to Radio Montserrat (ZJB) on FM 88.3 or 95.5 for related safety messages.

CAR RENTALS (country code 664)
Brades: Grant Enterprises & Trading (cars/jeeps), 491-9654; M S Osborne Ltd (jeeps), 491-2494/5

Olveston: Be-Beep's Car Rentals, 491-3787; Equipment & Supplies Ltd (cars/vans), 491-2402; Ethelyne's Car Rental, 491-2855; KC's Car Rentals, 491 5756; Neville Bradshaw Agencies (cars), 491-5270 or 491-2070

Salem: Lea Car Rentals, 491-8533 or 493-5640; Pickett Van Rentals, 491-5513

Elsewhere on the island: Danny Lyons Rentals (Woodlands Beach Rd), 491-6216 or 492-1455; Jefferson Car Rental (Palm Loop), 491-2126; Joel Osborne & Associates Ltd (jeeps), 491-6300 or 492-1555; Montserrat Enterprises Ltd (Old Towne) 491-2431/2; Zeekies Rentals (Judy Piece), 491-4515

Brades: Imagine Peace Bicycle Shop, 491-8809St Peter's: Gingerbread Hill, 491-5812

Taxis have green license plates beginning with the letter "H." You can flag them down along the side of the road. A recommended list of the local taxi operators and fares is available from the Tourist Board. Ensure you agree on the fare in advance with the driver and whether the quote is in EC$ or US$. Island taxi tours are available in addition to standard taxi service.

Baker Hill: James Allen, 491-7300; Cliff's Bus Service, 491-5349 or 492-1849; Jeffrey Lane, 491-8427 or 492-2777; James "Beenup" Lee, 491-4885

Davy Hill: Alwyn Ponteen, 491-5145; Charles Daley, 491-7172; Jadine Glitzenhirn, 491-2752 or 492-2752; Malton "Bigga" Burns, 491-9088; Tony Dyer, 491-4989 or 492-1077

Gerald's: Reuben Furlonge, 491-4376 or 492-2790; Roy "Slym" Daley, 491-4479 or 492-2878

Lookout: John Bobb, 491-3349; Joseph Murrain, 491-8150 or 492-1892; Peter Daley, 491-4435 or 492-1924; Rupert Trant, 491-6038 or 492-2963; Thomas "Fumbo" Lee, 491-2347 or 492-1649; Wendell "Pinky" Daley, 491-8422 or 496-0317

Manjack: Joe Phillip, 491-3432 or 492-1565; Thomas Allen, 491-3150

Olveston: James Meade, 491-4050; George White, 491-3678 or 492-1342

Woodlands: Daniel Morton, 491-7819; Elvis Daley, 491-4051 or 496-0166

Elsewhere on the island: Coin Phone Taxi Stand (Brades), 491-2261; Christopher Irish, (Banks), 491-2949; Sam Sword Taxi Service (Frith's), 491-9794 or 493-1973; Arthur Meade (Happy Hill), 491-5693 or 492-1614; B&D Taxi Service (St John's), 491-8797 or 496-5927; Steverie West (St Peter's), 493-1430; George Christian, (Salem), 491-5593 or 492-1992; Avalon's Tour & Taxi, 491-3432 or 492-1565; Rose Willock, 491-6652; Furlonge's Taxi & Tours, 492-2790; Slym Tours & Taxi Service, 491-4479 or 492-2878

Private minibuses, indicated by their green license plates beginning with the letter "H," function as an informal bus service. There are no set schedules or bus stops, but you can flag them down along the side of the road.

Disclaimer: Information is provided as a service to visitors and is updated regularly. All information should be verified prior to travel.

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