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Suriname | Travel Information

General Info, Travel Info, & FAQs are provided to assist with your vacation.

Visitors are allowed to bring in items for personal use in reasonable quantities for the duration of their stay. Generally throughout the Caribbean the standard is around 200 cigarettes, 50 cigars or 250 grams of tobacco, and one to two litres of alcohol.

For more information call the customs department (Douane Suriname) at 597/40 27 78.

Also see the section in General Info: Illegal items.

To import a pet you must provide a health certificate and a vaccination certificate, including rabies. For complete details contact the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Fisheries at 597/47 76 98 or 47 78 30.

Flights arrive at J A (Johan Adolf) Pengel International Airport (airport code PBM), also known as Zanderij, which is about an hour's drive from the capital, Paramaribo. International flights are often overbooked, so it's a good idea to re-confirm your reservation.

Airlines that service Suriname include Air France (tel 42 12 80), American Airlines (tel 42 00 83), Caribbean Airlines/formerly BWIA West Indies Airways (tel 42 25 11), KLM (tel 41 18 11), Meta Linhas Aereas (tel 52 03 85) and Surinam Airways (tel 43 27 00).

Note: The phone numbers listed above are local access numbers unless otherwise stated.

You can drive to Suriname from Guyana or French Guiana. From Guyana you can enter via Nieuw Nickerie and from French Guiana via Albina.

The Canawaima Ferry Service (tel 592/339-2744, Guyana; 21 23 31 or 21 23 32, Suriname) operates between Moleson Creek, Guyana and South Drain, Suriname once daily. The 30-minute trip costs US$15 per person with open return for 21 days.

Roads are generally in fair to poor condition and are often not marked with traffic lines. Watch out for large potholes, especially during the rainy season, and people walking along the side of the road. Also beware of excessive speeding and poor driving habits of other drivers. In Paramaribo roadblocks may occur at any time due to demonstrations, protests and such. You should not attempt to cross blockades.

Interior roads are poorly maintained dirt roads with no lighting. There are no emergency telephones or gas stations, and bridges are often in various states of repair. Watch for animals along the side of the road. For information on interior road conditions contact STINASU, the Foundation for Nature Conservation in Suriname, at 597/42 16 83 or 47 65 97.

Outside of Paramaribo police presence is minimal and there have been reports of tourists being robbed. The cities of Albina and Moengo, as well as along the East-West Highway between Paramaribo and Albina are of particular concern. If you're travelling to the interior it's best to use an organized tour company.

To rent a car you will need an international driver's permit. Ensure you bring your valid driver's license from home.

Motorcycles and scooters can also be rented, although they are best avoided for safety reasons. If you rent one be sure to wear a helmet.

Although driving is on the left, both right- and left-hand-drive cars are in use.

CAR RENTALS (country code 597)
- A A Car Rental Services, 42 43 44
- Ashruf Car Rental, 40 31 51
- Ashruf Car Rental Limousine, 40 26 55
- Avis Rent A Car, 55 11 58 (airport) and 42 15 67 (Torarica Hotel)
- Budget, 47 36 86 (airport), 47 36 86 (Torarica Hotel) and 45 04 47
- Car Rental, 40 26 55 or 40 31 51
- Europcar, 42 46 31 (airport)
- Hertz Rent-a-car, 43 39 76
- Hertz/Realcar N V Suriname, 40 04 09
- Jimmy's Autoverhuur & Transportbedrijf, 43 09 50 or 47 79 35
- Praxis Car Rental, 31 56 59
- Pro Car Rental, 36 61 44
- Torarica Taxi en Autoverhuurbedrijf, 40 22 77
- U-Drive Car Rental, 80 59 34
- Wheelz Car Rental, 44 18 72

Taxis don't have meters, so you should agree on a fare prior to departure. Avoid unofficial taxis and hailing taxis from the street. It's best to phone a reputable taxi company to arrange for pickup. Your hotel can help you.

Le Grand Baldew (tel 597/47 47 13) provides service between the airport and Paramaribo hotels in luxury, air-conditioned minivans and coaches. The 47km-trip takes about 45 minutes when traffic and weather are favourable. You must reserve 24 hours in advance.

Minibuses operate along fixed routes in Paramaribo and to most villages along the coast. They are usually crowded and chaotic, and driven at excessive speeds. Flag them down along the side of the road by sticking out your hand as there are no bus stops.

Le Grand Baldew (tel 47 47 13) operates luxury, air-conditioned coaches from the centre of Paramaribo to destinations throughout the country. They also provide a service between the airport and hotels in Paramaribo (see the section "By taxi," above).

The interior can only be reached by car, boat or plane. The domestic airport, Zorg en Hoop, is located about 15 minutes from the main hotels in Paramaribo. Blue Wing Airlines (tel 43 39 09 or 43 03 70), Gum Air (tel 49 87 60) and Hi-Jet Helicopters (tel 43 25 77 or 53 19 31) provide charter services to the interior. Be prepared for flight delays, sometimes for days, due to mechanical difficulties, fuel shortages and runway conditions.

Suriname has 1,865 miles of rivers. In the interior, where there are few roads, the most common mode of travel is by boat, and most expeditions to the interior include some travel in a motorized dugout canoe, known as a korjaal. River cruise boats are used on major rivers and along the coast.

Disclaimer: Information is provided as a service to visitors and is updated regularly. All information should be verified prior to travel.

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