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South Coast, Jamaica | Travel Information

General Info, Travel Info, & FAQs are provided to assist with your vacation.

Visitors are allowed to bring in 230g of processed tobacco, as well as a reasonable amount of personal effects for the duration of their stay.

For more information call the Customs Department at 876/922-7618.

Also see the section in General Info: Illegal items.

Only dogs and cats imported directly from Great Britain, Northern Ireland or the Republic of Eire are permitted entry into Jamaica. Animals vaccinated against rabies are not allowed entry.

Prior to arriving in Jamaica you must obtain an import permit from the Veterinary Services Division of the Ministry of Agriculture. For more information call the division at 876/977-2489 or 977-2492.

If you are staying in Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Runaway Bay or Negril, the closest airport is Sangster International Airport (airport code MBJ; tel 888/247-7678 or 952-3133) in Montego Bay. If you're staying in Kingston or Port Antonio, the closest airport is Norman Manley International Airport (airport code KIN; tel 888/247-7678 or 924-8546) in Kingston. Flying time from Toronto is about four hours, from Miami about 1.25 hours, from London 10 hours and from Paris about 13 hours.

Airlines that service Jamaica include Air Canada (tel 924-8211), Air Jamaica (tel 888/359-2475), Air Sunshine (tel 954/434-8900), American Airlines/American Eagle (tel 800/744-0006), BWIA West Indies Airways/Caribbean Airlines (tel 800/744-2942), British Airways (tel 929-9020), Cayman Airways (tel 924-8092), Continental Airlines (tel 929-3502), Copa Airlines (tel 800/234-2672), Cubana (tel 978-3410), Delta Airlines (tel 800/221-1212), Martinair (tel 952-661), Northwest Airlines/KLM (tel 800/225-2525), Sky King (tel 649/941-3136), Spirit Airlines (tel 800/772-7117), United Airlines (tel 800/United-1) and US Airways (tel 800/622-1015).

Note: The phone numbers listed above are local access numbers unless otherwise stated.

Cruise ships dock at the Montego Bay Cruise Terminal and the Ocho Rios Cruise Ship Pier. Smaller vessels can also dock at Port Antonio.

Cruise lines that call on the island include Carnival Cruise Lines, Celebrity Cruises, Costa Cruises, Crystal Cruises, Cunard Line, Holland America Line, MSC Italian Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line, Princess Cruises, Silversea Cruises and Royal Caribbean International.

There are car rental agencies in most major cities and towns. Bikes, motorcycles and scooters can also be rented. It takes about 2.5 hours to drive between the resort areas of Kingston, Montego Bay, Negril, Port Antonio, Ocho Rios and the South Coast. Gas stations are located all around the island. Roads are generally in fair condition, although potholes are abundant. Inadequate signage and poor traffic control markings are common. Rural roads are generally winding, bumpy and narrow. Watch out for speeding locals, as well as animals (cows, goats, chickens, dogs etc), bicycles, pushcarts and people along the side of the road, especially at night. It's best to avoid driving at night.

To rent a car you will need a valid international driver's license, however, visitors from North America, the UK and Japan may use their valid driver's license from home for periods of one to 12 months, depending on their country of origin. Generally drivers must be a minimum of 25 years to rent a vehicle.

Driving is on the left. The speed limit is 50km/hr (30 mph) in built-up areas and 80 km/hr (50 mph) on highways. Seat belts are mandatory, and children under three years require car seats. Helmets are required on motorcycles and mopeds.

Traffic circles/roundabouts are used for traffic control. If you've never used a roundabout, remember: vehicles already in the roundabout have right of way; yield to traffic on your right, signal, then slowly move in and keep left at all times.

Horns are regularly used to communicate a variety of messages. A quick beep means hello. Two quick beeps means thank you. A blaring horn means to get out of the way. Horns are also used to let others know you are coming around a blind corner, over a one-lane bridge or while overtaking another vehicle.

Local drivers also use hand signals. An extended arm moving up and down signals the driver is slowing down or stopping.

CAR RENTALS (country code 876)
Kingston and St Andrew area: AAA Enterprises, 926-2533; All State Car Rentals, 927-8625 or 927-9448; Anchor Car Rental, 926-6000; Andrew's Car Rentals, 978-0080; Avis Rent a Car, 888/888-AVIS, 924-8293 (airport); Bargain Rent-A-Car, 888/Bargain or 926-0378; Beaumont's Car Rental & Tours, 926-0311; Bowla's Car Rental, 960-0067 or 960-1006; Budget Rent-A-Car, 924-8762 (airport); Cardel Rent-A-Car, 901-3277; Caribbean Car Rentals, 926-6339 or 929-4817; Compact Car Rental, 978-4914 or 978-5149; $less Car Rental & Tours, 969-6232; Econocar Rentals, 927-9989 or 927-9075; Fiesta Car Rentals, 926-0133 or 926-8386; G S A Ja Ltd, 969-1357 or 969-6757; Galaxy Car Rentals, 925-1492 or 925-4176; Garmack Car Rentals, 920-1119 or 920-1120; Hertz/Liberty Car Rentals, 924-8028 (airport); Holi-Jam Car Rentals, 927-6426 or 927-5063; Ideal Car Rentals, 926-2980 or 968-0010; International Rentals, 759-1793 or 759-2097; Island Car Rentals, 888/991-4255 or 924-8075 (airport); Island Paradise Limousine & Car/SUV Rental, 906-1522; Jules Dave Auto Rentals, 929-1181; Kosmo Car Rental, 920-1192 or 924-8388 (airport); Leader Auto Rentals & Tours, 978-6689; Leo's Car Rentals, 929-5290 or 929-0436; Metro Car Rental, 978-5468; Nu-Deal Car Rentals, 931-4695; Rent A Car Caribbean & Tours, 941-8563; Robinson's Car Rental, 924-0113; Smith Clive Auto Brokers, 926-2533 or 926-2538; State Rent-A-Car, 926-8108 or 926-1211; Summer Isle Vacation & Car Rental, 968-3529; Sunbird Car Rentals, 929-1086 or 924-8665 (airport); World On Wheels Car Rentals, 960-9378; Worldclass Car Rentals, 908-3851; Yu-Shima Car Rental, 969-5536

Mandeville: Hemisphere Car Rental, 962-1921; Millinex Rental, 962-3542 or 961-0771 to 3; Moon Glow Car Rental, 962-9097

Montego Bay: Affordable Rent A Car, 952-4975 (airport); Alex's Car Rental & Tour, 940-6260 or 971-2615; Apex Car Rentals, 952-7587; Avis, 888/888-2847 or 952-0762 (airport); Bargain Rent-A-Car, 952-0762 or 952-2016 (airport); Beaumont's Car Rental & Tours, 940-1494 or 979-6924; Budget Rent-A-Car, 952-3838 or 952-4565; Cee Cee's Car Rentals, 979-5257; Central Rent-A-Car, 952-3347 or 952-366; Chalis Car Rentals & Tours, 952-9361 or 952-3793; Champagne Tours & Car Rental, 952-3141 (airport); Chen's Rent-A-Car, 952-3075 or 952-1060; Demario's Car Rental, 971-4051; Dhana Car Rental & Tours, 953-9555; Dollar Rent-A-Car, 953-9100; Drummond Errol, 952-0982; Dud's Tour & Car Rental, 952-4905; Efay Rent-A-Car, 952-8280 or 952-7083; Efficient Car Rentals, 952-4797; Fantasy Car Rentals, 940-6672 or 940-5891; Fiesta Car Rentals, 953-9444 or 953-9567; Fine Style Travel & Car Rental, 940-4562; Funtours Rent-A-Car, 952-0103; Garmack Car Rentals, 952-7810; Hertz/Liberty Car Rentals, 979-0438 (airport); Horizon Car Rentals, 952-0185 or 952-8555; Island Car Rentals, 952-5771 or 952-7225 (airport); Jamaica Car Rentals, 952-5586; Patmar's Rental, 971-4909; Payless Car Rental, 971-8003 or 971-5211; Prospective Car Rentals & Tours, 952-0112 or 952-3524; Relax Villa Tours & Car Rental, 971-7776; Smith's Car Rental, 979-3208; Sunbird Car Rentals, 952-3015 or 952-5536 (airport); Sunsational Car Rentals & Tours, 952-1212 or 952-5555; Sunshine Car Rentals, 952-4218; Travel International, 979-6828 or 952-9362; Ucal's Car Rental Tours & Taxi Service, 952-3836; United Car Rentals, 952-3077 or 952-8094; Wesmore's Rent-A-Car, 952-3095; Yadah Tour & Car Rental, 952-5319 or 979-9001

Negril: Dollar Rent-A-Car, 957-4110; Island Cruiser Rentals, 957-9187; Jets Rent-A-Car, 957-3327; Rite Rate Car Rental, 957-4667; Vernon's Car & Jeep Rentals, 957-4354 or 957-4522

Ocho Rios: Abe Motor Car Rentals, 974-1008 or 974-7787; Bargain Rent-A-Car, 974-8047; Caribbean Car Rentals, 800/917-9904 or 974-2513; Derron's Car Rentals & Tours, 993-7111; Dollar Rent-A-Car, 974-5251; Island Car Rentals, 974-2334 or 974-2666; Rent A Car Caribbean & Tour, 974-9555; Sunshine Car Rentals, 974-5025 or 974-2980; Triple A Car Rental, 974-2859 or 974-5547; Villa Car Rentals, 974-2474 or 974-2975

Port Antonio: Derron's Car Rentals & Tours, 993-7111; Eastern Car Rentals, 993-4364 or 993-3624

Santa Cruz: Levy's Southside Sales & Rentals, 966-9014 or 966-9023; Seraco Car Rental, 966-9541

Elsewhere on the island: D H Smithy Auto Sales & Rentals (Green Island), 956-6905; No Problem Car Rental (Hopewell), 956-5516; Auto All (May Pen), 986-6930 or 902-7830; Salem Car Rental (Runaway Bay), 973-4167; Daver Car Rentals (Savann La Mar), 955-2399

Public transportation consists of buses, minibuses and route taxis. JUTA (the Jamaica Union for Travellers Association) operates a reliable and quality transportation service specifically for tourists, which consists of well-maintained and air-conditioned cars, buses, coaches and luxury vehicles. Their drivers are certified by the Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) and are knowledgeable about local history, culture, geography, flora and fauna.

JUTA offers standard taxi service, airport transfers, day trips and island tours. JUTA members wear JTB identification tags, have red license plates with the letters "PPV" on them and a JTB decal on the side of their vehicle. They can be flagged down on the street or ordered by phone.

Route taxis are shared taxis that operate along designated routes picking up and dropping off people as they go along. They can be uncomfortable. To flag one down just stick your hand out and wave. Only use registered taxis, which have red license plates with the letters "PPV" on them.

Kingston and St Andrew: JUTA, 927-4534; Apollo Tours & Taxi Service, 929-8588 or 960-7053; Blue Diamond Taxi-Cab, 929-8294; Candy Cab, 978-8090 or 978-4846; Central Taxi Service, 926-8470; Century Taxi Service, 960-5435 or 960-3624; Checker Cabs, 922-1777; Checker & Yellow Cabs, 922-1777 or 922-6445; City Guide Taxi Service, 969-5458 or 969-5334; Confidence Taxi Service, 905-0822 or 755-2220; Dignitary Taxi Service, 901-4444 or 937-2227; El-Shaddai Taxi, 969-7633; Express Taxi Service, 923-6893 or 923-7253; Mega Starz Taxi Service, 908-2338; Metro Taxi Cab, 933-4559; Miracle Tours & Taxi Service, 757-4772 or 757-4775; Mortec Taxi Service, 925-5227 or 969-2534; On Time Taxi, 926-3866; Prime Time Taxi Service & Tours, 948-6833; Safe Travel Taxi Service, 901-5510 or 901-6579; Sunshine Taxi & Tour Service, 923-3030 or 758-2028; Survival Taxi Service, 759-0896 or 759-1585; Unique 24 Hour Taxi Service, 960-5096 or 960-8743; United Transport, 922-0177; Yellow Cab, 922-6444 or 922-6445; Zenith Taxi Service, 929-3559 or 926-9240

Montego Bay: JUTA, 952-0813; Airport Taxi Service, 952-0309; Holiday Inn Taxi Stand, 953-2611; Maxi Taxi Association, 940-7702; Tele Cab Taxi Service, 971-9975

Ocho Rios: JUTA, 974-2292; Maxi Taxi Association, 974-2971; Rising Bird Cab & Transport Service, 974-5929

Portmore: Apollo Tours & Taxi Service, 708-8610 or 939-7920; Blue Diamond Taxi-Cab, 929-8294; Miracle Tours & Taxi Service, 939-4375 or 939-8583; Nice n Easy Tours & Taxi Service, 989-6500 or 989-5597

Savann La Mar: Backra Taxi Cabs, 955-3660; Gold Spoon Taxi Service, 955-3014 or 955-3262; Pat's Taxi Service, 918-0431 or 955-3335

Spanish Town: Apollo Tours & Taxi Service, 907-2739 or 907-2737; Blue Diamond Taxi-Cab, 929-8294

Elsewhere on the island: JUTA (Negril), 957-9197; Dean's Taxi Service (Santa Cruz), 966-4301; St Ann's Bay Taxi Association, 972-1993

Large, air-conditioned luxury buses operate along popular routes in Kingston. Outside these areas public buses are often overcrowded and a venue for crime. Minibuses operate between towns, although they are often filled beyond capacity. There is a designated bus park in each town. Ensure you confirm the destination and fare prior to boarding.

Air Jamaica Express (tel 888/359-2475) and International Air Link (tel 940-6660) provide regularly scheduled service between the island's major cities, including Kingston, Montego Bay, Negril, Ocho Rios and Port Antonio. TimAir (tel 952-2516) provides charter service between the resort areas.

Disclaimer: Information is provided as a service to visitors and is updated regularly. All information should be verified prior to travel.

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