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Trinidad & Tobago | Travel Information

General Info, Travel Info, & FAQs are provided to assist with your vacation.

Visitors are allowed to bring in items for personal use in reasonable quantities for the duration of their stay. Generally throughout the Caribbean the standard is around 200 cigarettes, 50 cigars, or 250 grams of tobacco, and one to two litres of alcohol.

For more information call Customs and Excise at 868/625-3993 or 625-3176.

Also see the section in General Info: Illegal items.

Cats and dogs coming directly from Anguilla, Antigua & Barbuda, Australia, Barbados, Belgium, Dominica, Great Britain, Jamaica, Luxemburg, Malta, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Singapore, St Kitts & Nevis, St Lucia, St Vincent and Sweden are allowed direct entry into Trinidad & Tobago without quarantine or requiring a rabies vaccination or serum antibody testing.

Dogs and cats originating from Austria, The Bahamas, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Brunei, Canada, Cayman Islands, Chile, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Falkland Islands, France, Finland, Germany, Greece, Greenland, Hong Kong, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Kuwait, Macau, Peninsular Malaysia, Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles and Aruba, Portugal, Reunion, Sabah, Sarawak, Seychelles, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Untied Arab Emirates, United States, US Virgin Islands and Uruguay can apply for a reduced 30-day quarantine provided they meet a number of requirements.

Dogs and cats from any other country will be quarantined for six months. To obtain quarantine space for your pet you must apply three months in advance of your arrival.

For complete information contact the Chief Veterinary Officer at 868/625-5997 or 625-1473.

Flights arrive at either Piarco International Airport (airport code POS; tel 669-5895), which is about 17 miles from Trinidad's capital, Port-of-Spain, or at Crown Point International Airport (airport code TOB; tel 639-0006), which is about seven miles from Tobago's capital, Scarborough. Flying time from Miami is about 3.75 hours; from New York, five hours; from Toronto, 5.5 hours; and from London, 8.5 hours.

Airlines that service Trinidad & Tobago include Aeropostal (tel 623-4174), Air Canada (tel 800/744-2472 or 669-4065), ALM Antillean Airways (tel 623-8201), American Airlines/American Eagle (tel 627-7013), Avior Airlines, Bahamasair, British Airways (tel 639-0595), Caribbean Airlines/formerly BWIA West Indies Airways (tel 652-1359), Caribbean Star (tel 800/723-1111), Caribbean Sun (tel 800/744-7827), Condor (tel 800/364-1667 or 49 0 180 5 707202), Continental Airlines (tel 800/461-2744), Conviasa, Guyana Airways (tel 627-2753), LIAT (tel 639-0484), Martin Air (tel 631-2000), Suriname Airways (tel 669-4770), SVG/Air Caribbean (tel 800/744-5777), Virgin Atlantic (tel 800/744-7477) and XL/Excel Airways.

Note: The phone numbers listed above are local access numbers unless otherwise stated.

The Cruise Ship Complex (tel 868/623-8147) is located on Wrightson Rd in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. Cruise ships also dock in the Scarborough harbour (tel 868/639-2681) on Tobago.

Cruise ships that call on Trinidad & Tobago include Fred Olsen Cruise Lines, Hapag-Lloyd Cruises, Holland America Line, Lindblad Expeditions, Majestic Cruises, Ocean Village, Oceania Cruises, P&O Cruises, Peter Deilmann Cruises, Princess Cruises, ResidenSea, Saga Cruises, Seabourne, Swan Hellenic, Windstar Cruises and Zegrahm Expeditions.

There are plenty of car rental agencies. Rental cars have the letter "R" on the license plate. Although driving is on the left, both right- and left-hand drive cars are used. Gas stations are plentiful in the main towns and thoroughfares of Trinidad, but less so in Tobago and rural areas. To rent a car you will need a valid international driver's permit. You can use your home license if it was issued in The Bahamas, Canada, England, France, Germany or the US.

Highways are in good condition. Secondary roads in urban areas are in fair condition and those in rural areas are generally narrow, winding, congested and in poor condition. Watch out for cars being driven in the middle of the road, as opposed to keeping in one lane, as well as animals and people along the side of the road, especially in rural areas. Drive defensively as local driving habits are not up to North American and European standards.

Driving is on the left. Seat belt use is mandatory. It is customary to sound your horn to warn others of your approach when rounding a sharp curve or blind corner, for instance.

CAR RENTALS (country code 868)
Crown Point International Airport and vicinity, Tobago: A&B Car Rental Service, 639-9659; Alfred's Auto Rentals, 639-7448; Ali's Car Rental & Guest House, 639-1515; Auto Rentals, 639-0644; Baypoint Auto Rentals, 639-8512; Carlton James Car Rentals & Tours, 639-8084; Crop Stock Auto Rentals, 639-9154; Douglas Apartments & Car Rentals, 639-7723; Johnney Car Rental Company, 639-0000; Lin's Auto Rentals, 639-7510; Murray Rentals, 639-7460; Peter Gremli's Car Rental and Transport Service, 639-8400; Quashie's Rentals, 639-8397; Rattan's Car Rental, 639-8271; Rollock's Car Rentals, 639-0328; Speedy Rentals, 639-7038; Spence Rental Service, 639-8082; Ted's Sunshine Enterprise, 639-0547; Thrifty Car Rental, 639-8062; Tobago Car Rentals, 639-0350; Tobago Travel, 639-8778; Tobago United Rentals, 639-9973; Granpark Auto Rentals, 639-9873

Piarco International Airport and vicinity, Trinidad: Airport Express/Himraj, 800-8294; Auto Rentals, 669-2277 or 660-1759; Econo-Car Rentals, 669-2342; Johnney Car Rental Company, 669-2226; Kalloo's Auto Rentals Taxi Service & Tours, 669-5673; Lucas Rental & Taxi Service, 669-4131; Sue's Auto Rental, 669-1635; Thrifty Car Rental, 669-0602

Bon Accord, Tobago: Jordan's Car Rental Service, 639-1032; Leith Peter, 639-7233

Carenage, Trinidad: Earth Quake Car Rental, 632-7812; Exclusive Car Rental, 632-7812

Chaguanas, Trinidad: Anzoategui Rentals, 669-9184; Malibu Auto Rentals, 665-2302; Rex Rentals Limited, 665-7200; Ripspeed Car Rentals, 665-9851; S K Auto Sales & Rentals, 665-7055

Chaguaramas, Trinidad: Convenient Rental 634-4017 and 659-3015; Econo-Car Rentals, 634-2154

Couva, Trinidad: Auto Rentals, 679-7368; Central Equipment Rentals, 636-2540; Ramkissoon's Auto Rental, 679-2886; Southern Sales & Service, 679-2277; United Supplies & Services, 679-2920

Curepe, Trinidad: Car's Auto Rental & Services Club, 662-7368; Courtesy Auto Rentals, 663-8332; Jags Auto Rental, 662-4157

Lambeau, Tobago: D&W Rentals & Services, 639-5241; Sherman's Auto Rentals, 639-2292

Morvant, Trinidad: Auto Rentals, 675-7368 or 675-2258; Malick Car Rental, 623-7368

Port-of-Spain and suburbs, Trinidad: Amar Rentals, 628-8933 or 622-7497; Autocenter Car Rentals, 628-4400; Bacchus Taxi/Maxi & Car Rentals, 622-5588; Basic Rentals, 627-0521; Discount Auto Rentals, 622-6596; Executive Limousine Service, 625-1170; Furness Rentals, 627-4959; Hertz-Rent A Car, 633-7694; Kalloo's Auto Rentals, Taxi Service & Tours, 628-2394; Mauge's Car Rental Services, 624-5402; Millennium Enterprises, 627-1484; Para Rent-A-Car, 628-8996; Seven Eleven Car Rentals, 622-7369; Shine Brite Car Rental & Taxi Services, 627-5514; Singh's Auto Rentals, 623-0150

St Augustine, Trinidad: E&D Auto Rentals, 645-7054; Jeffrey's Auto Rental, 663-5333

San Fernando, Trinidad: Auto Rentals, 657-7368 or 657-3177; Den's Rental Service, 657-3930; Jerry's Car Rentals, 653-9656; Lazzari Rentals, 652-3458; Prestige Car Rentals, 653-2222; Roland Auto Rentals & Taxi Service, 657-6759; S Rentals, 653-3189; SEMC Investments, 657-8107; Universal Auto Dealers, 658-1745

San Juan, Trinidad: A-1 Auto Rentals & Taxi Service, 638-8125; Johnney Car Rental Company, 674-0463; Seemungal's Auto Rentals, 675-9659

Scarborough, Tobago: Genesis Rent-A-Car, 639-5555; Hill Crest Car Rental Service, 639-5208; Stewart Auto Rentals, 639-3397; Sunrise Tours & Car Rentals, 639-0089

Tunapuna, Trinidad: Master Car Rentals, 662-1903; Socar Rentals, 663-2804

Elsewhere on Tobago: Lee Roi Holiday House (Carnbee), 639-0240; V K Rentals (Mount Irvine), 639-9773 or 639-9395; Graham's Car Rental (Union Village, Whim), 639-9610

Elsewhere on Trinidad: L A Auto Rentals (Arima), 667-0160; J Auto Rentals (Chase Village), 672-8672 or 665-2444; Sigma Car Dealers (Claxton Bay), 659-1256 or 659-3452; Econo-Car Rentals (Cocorite), 622-8078 or 622-8072; Millenium Rental (Diego Martin), 637-9968 or 633-6747; Waukie's Car Rental (Mount Pleasant), 639-9072; Cupen's Garage (Petit Valley), 632-8736; Auto Rentals (Point Fortin), 648-2163 or 648-7368; Swift Auto Rentals (Rousillac), 648-7254; Banwari Experience (Santa Cruz), 624-8687; Auto Rentals (Santa Flora), 649-5866 or 657-8521; Auto Image Rentals (Valsayn), 662-1201

There are three kinds of taxis available: private, route and maxi-taxis, which are actually minibuses (see the section "By bus," below). Private taxis arranged through your hotel are generally safe and reliable, however, they can be more expensive. Official taxis have the letter "H" on their license plate, which means hired.

Taxis do not have meters. Although many companies have fixed rates for specific distances, ensure you agree on a price with your driver prior to getting into the cab. Most taxis charge an additional 50% after 10pm. Island taxi tours are available in addition to standard taxi service.

Route taxis are shared taxis that operate along set routes. You can be picked up and dropped off anywhere along the route.

Crown Point International Airport, Tobago: Airport Taxi Line, 639-0950; Paradise Taxi Corp, 639-0445; Royal Taxi Service, 639-8153

Piarco International Airport and vicinity, Trinidad: Airport Express/Himraj, 800-8294; Airport Express/Hertz, 669-6414; Kalloo's Auto Rental, Taxi Service & Tours, 669-5673; Lucas Rental & Taxi Service, 669-4131; Piarco Airport Taxi Co-op, 669-1689; R&R Transport, Tours & Rentals, 669-2265; Taxi Service, 669-0282; Vizcaina Car Rental, Taxi and Tour Guide, 735-6395

Chaguaramas, Trinidad: Convenient Rental Ltd, 659-3015; Trumph Luxury Tours Rental & Taxi Service, 634-2189

Port-of-Spain, Trinidad: A&A Taxi & Car Rental, 622-5588; Bacchus Taxi & Car Rentals, 622-5588; Broadway Taxi Service, 623-7304; Ice House Taxi Service, 627-6984; Independence Square Taxi Service, 625-3032; Kapok Taxi Service, 622-6995; Khan's Taxi Service, 6403220; Phone a Taxi, 628-TAXI; Queen's Park Taxi Stand, 625-3002; Shine Brite Car Rental & Taxi Services, 627-5514; St Christopher Taxi Cab, 625-1694; St Christopher Taxi Co-op, 627-2470; St James Taxi Service, 622-2619; Trinidad & Tobago Unified Maxi, 624-3505

San Fernando, Trinidad: D R Taxi Service, 657-0247; Mattadeen's Taxi-Cab Service, 658-4973; Roland Auto Rentals & Taxi Service, 657-6759; Southern Taxi Services, 652-8294; William's Call Taxi Service, 657-7408

Scarborough, Tobago: Downtown Taxi Stand, 639-2692; Tobago Taxi Cab Co-Op, 639-2707; Unique Taxi Service, 660-7949

Elsewhere on Tobago: Belmont Taxi Service (Belmont), 624-4061; Frankie Tours and Rentals (Mason Hall), 639-4527; Pigeon Point Taxi Association (Pigeon Point), 660-8002

Elsewhere on Trinidad: P S Shuttle Services (Arima), 346-2664; E R Taxi and Tours (Chaguanas), 665-0287; St Anthony's Taxi Cab Co-Operative (Point Fortin), 648-3941; A-1 Auto Rentals & Taxi Service (San Juan), 638-8125; Caribbean Limo & Cab Service (Trincity), 640-0060

Public transportation is provided by government-operated PTSC/Public Transport Service Commission buses, as well as privately owned maxi-taxis, which are minibuses, and route taxis (see the section "By taxi," above).

On Trinidad, inter-city buses and maxi-taxis run from the main bus terminal at City Gate on South Quay in Port-of-Spain to other towns and cities, such as Arima, Chaguanas, Chaguaramas, San Fernando and Sangre Grande. Inter-city buses are generally considered safe.

Bus service on Tobago is not as extensive. An hourly bus service runs to and from Crown Point International Airport.

Maxi-taxis are privately operated minibuses that operate along set routes. They can get very crowded, especially during rush hour, and have been the target for robberies, particularly in the evenings. You can be picked up and dropped off anywhere along the route. A coloured stripe along the side of the vehicle indicates its destination:
- Blue: Tobago
- Yellow: Diego Martin and the Port-of-Spain area
- Red: Arima and other eastern towns, such as Sangre Grande
- Black: Princes Town and Mayaro
- Green: South Trinidad, including Chaguanas and San Fernando
- Brown: South from San Fernando to southwest towns, such as Penal, Point Fortin and Siparia

An inter-island ferry service that accommodates both passengers and cars operates between the Port-of-Spain Harbour in Trinidad and the Scarborough Harbour in Tobago. The return fare for the 2.5-hour trip on The Lynx and The Cat fast ferries costs TT$100 for adults, and for the 4-5-hour trip on the conventional Panorama and Warrior Spirit ferries, the return fare for adults is TT$75 economy or TT$160 in the cabin. Kids under 12 years pay half price and children under three years are free. One-way fares cost half the return fare. Transporting a vehicle costs extra. Fares are subject to change.

Purchase tickets at the GSS Terminal Office on Wrightson Rd in Port-of-Spain, the Tobago Terminal Office in Scarborough or at the following TTPost Outlets: Carlton Centre, Chaguanas, City Gate, Princess Town, Sangre Grande, Siparia, Trincity Mall, Tunapuna and Bon Accord, Tobago.

For schedules contact the Trinidad & Tobago Port Authority at 623-8147 (Port-of-Spain Harbour) or 639-2681 (Scarborough).

Caribbean Star (tel 800/723-1111) and Tobago Express (tel 631-8015) operate regular flights between Trinidad and Tobago. The flight takes about 15 minutes.

Disclaimer: Information is provided as a service to visitors and is updated regularly. All information should be verified prior to travel.

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