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Anguilla | Travel Information

General Info, Travel Info, & FAQs are provided to assist with your vacation.

Visitors are allowed to bring in food for their own consumption and one bottle of spirits duty free.

For more information call Customs and Excise at 264/497-2513 or 497-5313.

Also see the section in General Info: Illegal items.

Only certain pets are allowed entry into Anguilla. At least six months prior to your visit contact the Agricultural Department at tel 264/497-2615 or the island veterinarian at tel 264/497-4600.

Flights arrive at Wallblake Airport (airport code AXA). You cannot fly direct from North America or Europe, but when you transfer in the Caribbean, your connecting flight can be as short as seven minutes from St Maarten/St Martin or as long as one hour from Antigua or San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Airlines that service Anguilla from the Caribbean include American Airlines/American Eagle (tel 497-3131), Caribbean Star (tel 497-8690), LIAT (tel 497-5000), Trans Anguilla Airways charters (tel 497-8690) and Winair (tel 497-2748).

Note: The phone numbers listed above are local access numbers unless otherwise stated.

If you fly into St Maarten/St Martin you can opt to transfer to Anguilla by ferry instead of by plane.

The Link Ferries (tel 264/497-2231 or cell, 235-3290; Dutch cell, 599/581-7410) operates a service between the immigration outpost at the Simpson Bay bridge in Dutch St Maarten to the ferry terminal in Blowing Point, Anguilla. You can make your way to their boat at the Simpson Bay bridge yourself or opt for their full service where they meet you at Princess Juliana Airport in St Maarten and arrange for a taxi to take you to their boat at Simpson Bay. This service is also available for your return trip home.

The full service costs US$50 per person one way, plus $20 per family or group travelling together. If you make your own way to the boat the charge is US$50 one way, including taxes. The return trip costs $50 per person, plus an additional $5 Anguilla departure tax. The ferry leaves Simpson Bay at 9:30am and 5pm, and Blowing Point at 8:45am and 4:15pm. Ensure you reserve your seat in advance as the ferry only holds 12 passengers. Additionally you can charter the boat to suit your own schedule for US$330 one way, not including taxes.

The Link Ferries also operates public ferries between Marigot Bay in French St Martin and the ferry terminal in Blowing Point, Anguilla. The 15-minute trips run approximately every half hour daily between 7:30am and 7pm. The fare costs US$12-US$15 each way, depending on the time of departure, plus a US$3 departure tax.

Fares and schedules are subject to change.

Visitors arriving by private boat must clear customs at Blowing Point or at Road Bay (VHF channel 16).

There are plenty of car rental agencies on the island, and car seats are available. To rent a car you need to purchase a temporary Anguilla driver's license, which you can purchase for US$20 at the car rental agency. Ensure you bring your valid driver's license from home. Bicycles and scooters can also be rented.

Watch out for speed humps, particularly as you approach villages, and also watch out for animals and people along the side of the road, especially at night and in rural areas.

Driving is on the left. The speed limit is 30 mph except on the Jeremiah Gumbs Highway, which is 50 mph.

Traffic circles/roundabouts are used for traffic control. If you've never used one, remember: vehicles already in the roundabout have right of way; yield to traffic on your right, signal, then slowly move in. Keep left at all times.

CAR RENTALS (country code 264)
The Valley: Avis/Apex Car Rental, 497-2642; Bass Car Rental, 497-2361 and 235-6494; Freeway Car Rental, 497-6621; Hertz, 497-2934; Highway Rent A Car, 497-2183; Island Car Rental, 497-2723 or 497-3923; Junie's Car Rental, 497-7114 and 235-6114; Pete's Car Rental, 497-6296 and 235-6296; Summer Set Car Rental (George Hill), 497-5278 and 497-2298 (nights); Thrifty Car Rental, 497-2656; Wendell's Connors Taxi Service & Car Rental, 497-6894 and 235-5777

Elsewhere on the island: Carib Rent A Car (Meads Bay, West End), 497-6020; Richardson's Car Rental Agency (Rendezvous Bay), 498-8900; Triple K Car Rental (The Forest), 497-2934

There are no taxi meters. All rates are fixed based on 10 zones. The rate is US$8 within each zone, coast to coast, except for zones 7, 8 and 9, for which an additional $4 is charged coast to coast due to their larger width. Progressing from Zone 1 to Zone 10, the additional charge as you enter each zone is as follows: US$8 + $4 + $4 + $4 + $2 + $2 + $2 + $2 + $2 + $2. Taxis can also be hired by the hourly rate of US$25. Tours for up to two hours cost US$50 for up to two people. Each additional person costs US$10.

Taxi drivers must have a copy of the rates (dated November 2005) in their vehicle while on duty. All rates include two passengers and two pieces of luggage. Each additional passenger costs US$4. Each additional piece of luggage costs US50¢. There is a US$2 surcharge from 6pm to 12 midnight and a US$5 surcharge from 12 midnight to 6am.

- National Taxi Association, 497-6089 (Blowing Point), 497-5054 (Wallblake Airport)
- Connor's Wendell Taxi Service & Car Rental, 497-6894 or 235-5777

Disclaimer: Information is provided as a service to visitors and is updated regularly. All information should be verified prior to travel.

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