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  Antigua Village Beach Resort
PO Box 649, St. John's, Antigua
(268) 462-2930 or Toll Free +1-866-590-8713

There is a place where life is different... Where the balmy breeze equals the warmth of the welcome. Antigua Village - a very special place to stay, a real community, a relaxed resort.

Nestling on one of the World's most breathtaking beaches, this dream destination offers a unique combination of comfort, character and culture that encapsulates the spirit of the Caribbean. Antigua Village - where a warm welcome awaits!

There are a total of 98 individual homes in Antigua Village and approximately half of these are currently available for rent through the Owners Club. These homes are divided between three categories and are designated into three locations.

There are studios, suites and villas, and they either are located on the beachfront of Dickenson Bay, around the Village pool or in our tropical gardens. No home is more than a minute from the beach the pool or the gardens. The highest property is Antigua Village is located on the second floor. Throughout our property descriptions when we refer to Ground Floor we are talking about ground level, first floor being immediately above and second floor being above that.

Studios comprise a very spacious sleeping and living area with full kitchen facilities and separate bathroom. Studios are available on ground floor level or on the first or second floors. Ideal for two people but can accommodate additional guests.

Suites are again very spacious, have separate bedroom and living areas with kitchens and separate bathrooms. Most suites are designed around a single level either on the ground or first floor. Fabulously spacious for two people but usually can easily accommodate four.

Villas are supremely spacious and are almost all two level duplexes either split between ground and first, or first and second floors. Villas all have a large master bedroom on the upper level and living area and kitchen on the lower level. Perfect for four people and families. Idyllic for just two.

Some Villas may be combined with studios or suites to make very spacious family houses. Any studio, villa or suite capable of being combined with another property to form a family house is designated as being so capable in the appropriate individual property description.

All homes have at least one large private terrace or balcony, all boasting beautiful aspects.

As every home in Antigua Village is individually owned, decorated and furnished according to the taste of the owner there is no such thing as standard equipment. However, all homes have fully equipped kitchens, private bathrooms, air conditioning, direct dial telephones with voicemail and multi channel cable television. However, many have much, much more, with lots of delightful and thoughtful personal touches added by the owners to enhance your experience.

The island of Antigua is a gourmet;s delight. Antigua abounds with a host of superb restaurants and cafes offering a wide diversity of cuisines most with classic Caribbean influences. None are better than Antigua Village's two partner restaurants - Hemmingsways and Le Bistro.

Hemmingway's Full participant in the Owner's Club. Located downtown St. John's on St. Mary's street, ten minute drive from Antigua Village. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Table for lunch and dinner guaranteed if booked via Antigua Village Guest Services previous day. Owners Club members will be offered complimentary house champage. Special meal plans also apply*.

Le Bistro is Antigua's legendary fine dining, gourmet restaurant. Located just ten minutes drive from Antigua Village in delightful Hodges Bay, Le Bistro has been acclaimed as one of the finest restaurants in the Caribbean for more than 20 years. Chef and owner Patrick Guadechau has devised a brilliant menu which is guaranteed to delight all who have the privilege of dining at his restaurant. Le Bistro is open year round for dinner only, every day except Monday. Tables at Le Bistro are highly sought, but as Antigua Village guests your table is always guaranteed*.

Owners Club
The Owners' Club at Antigua Village is something very special. Specifically created by Village homeowners who have been visiting and enjoying Antigua for many years, the facilities offered by the Owners Club are truly unique.

Not content with beautiful, personally styled, individual properties, idyllically set in lush tropical gardens, moments from the warm Caribbean Sea and one of the world's most beautiful beaches, the owners wanted more. So they created for themselves a club that provides all of the facilities you would expect of a luxury resort but without any of the restrictions. In creating their Club the owners were free to use their knowledge and experience to choose as their partners only the very best from what is available in Antigua.

Thus the Owners Club is in full partnership with what are arguably the two best restaurants in Antigua, and has very close relationships with other carefully selected superb restaurants, cafes and bars where Antigua Village Owners Club members are special and privileged guests.

A huge range of special arrangements for leisure activities of all kinds, many of them exclusive, come with membership of the Owners Club. Amongst other things Owners Club members enjoy golf, tennis, water sports, sailboat charter, their own desert island getaway and even membership of their own wine club.

The Owners are delighted that they are able to offer to their guests all of the facilities that they themselves enjoy. This makes Antigua Village Owners Club guests truly special. Experience the Owners Club at Antigua Village once, and we are sure that it won't be long before we are welcoming you back again, to the Caribbean as you've always imagined it?.

About Antigua
Antigua is one of the Leeward Islands set in the Caribbean Sea. We believe it is the most perfect holiday destination in the world.

A small Island of just 108 square miles, it is home to just over 60,000 of the friendliest people in the world. Perfect year round temperatures ranging from an average low of 76 degrees Fahrenheit (21 Celsius) to average highs of 85 degrees Fahrenheit (30 Celsius), with gentle cooling trade winds and only very, very little rain, create the perfect climate for the idyllic vacation.

Antigua has everything you could ever want for a perfect holiday whether you are seeking to get away from it all, and shrug off the stress and strain of city life, if you are seeking the perfect destination for the ultimate family holiday with something to delight all age groups, or you want the perfect romantic Caribbean experience.

Antigua has some of the finest beaches in the world - 365 of them - one for every day of the year. Antigua has history, probably more fascinating historical sites than any other island in the region. Antigua has activity with a huge range of land and water sports available. Antigua has restaurants, bars and cafes that would be the envy of anywhere in the world. Antigua has fine shopping and terrific night life, but above all Antigua has the friendliest people in the Caribbean.

Antigua is probably the most easily accessible Island in the Leewards, with a huge number of direct air connections to Europe and North America.

Antigua is the Caribbean you have always imagined. Visit Antigua once and we are confident we will be looking forward to welcoming you back again soon.

Getting Here
Antigua has the best air access of any island in the Northern Caribbean. V.C. Bird International Airport in Antigua is a hub for inter island flights throughout the region.
There are a considerable number of direct non-stop flights on a daily basis from North America, and the United Kingdom. The direct flights from the United Kingdom offer a myriad of connections to all European destinations. In addition to the North American direct services there are a huge number of connecting flights.

Price Range:   $125-200
Category:   Hotel/Resort
Features:   Has internet
Is family friendly
Address:   PO Box 649, St. John's, Antigua
Phone:   (268) 462-2930 or Toll Free +1-866-590-8713
Fax:   (268) 462-0375
Website:   Click here to visit website
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