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Bermuda | Frequently Asked Questions

General Info, Travel Info, & FAQs are provided to assist with your vacation.

What is the population?
The population of Bermuda was 62,059 in 2000. It is estimated to reach 66,163 by July 2007.

How big is the country/island?
Bermuda is 21 miles long and two miles at its maximum width, for a total of about 21 sq miles.

Can I drink the tap water?
The tap water is generally considered safe.

What are the best things to buy here?
There is no sales tax in Bermuda. Good buys include Cuban cigars, French perfumes, English bone china and doeskin, Swiss watches and chocolates, Danish silver and jewellery, Irish linen, Scottish tweeds, Italian silks and shoes, European fashions, leather goods, cashmere sweaters, bathing suits, sports clothes and cameras.

Duty-free shopping is only available at the airport. Duty-free items include watches, perfume, liquor and cigarettes.

Local souvenirs include pottery, cedar carvings, Bermuda honey, banana-leaf dolls, blown glass, fashions, jewellery, linens, candles, rum cake and paintings by local artists. The Bermuda Craft Market at the Royal Naval Dockyard is open daily in the summer 930am-5pm and in the winter 10-5pm, with varying hours on Sun and holidays.

St George's has a Market Night every Tue 6:30-9:30pm, which includes street vendors, shopping, entertainment and more.

Are there nude beaches?
Bermuda has no nude or topless beaches.

What are the main industries?
The main industries are tourism, insurance, international financial services and light manufacturing.

What is the drinking age?
The legal drinking age is 18.

What native dishes should I try?
For dishes with native flare try savoury cassava pie (eggs, cassava, chicken, pork, sugar, nutmeg and mace), spicy fish chowder (made from the stock of fresh local de-boned fish, including heads and tails, pawpaw, black rum, sherry peppers, onion, carrots, celery, tomatoes, potatoes and spices), savoury Hoppin' John and pawpaw Montespan (black-eyed peas, top round ground beef, tomatoes and pawpaw) served with rice, local mussels (steamed, as a thick curried stew in pastry, in a pie, or deep fried fritters), locally caught wahoo and baked red snapper and local onions made into onion casserole, onion biscuit bread, onion soup, onion pie and onion soufflé.

For a traditional breakfast try dried mullet roe (mullet roe and guts) or salted codfish served with bananas.

Can I use my calling card from here?
Directory assistance:
International operator, 00
Local enquiries, 411

AT&T: Service is available using AT&T Calling Cards, AT&T Corporate Cards, American Express, Diners Club, Discover/NOVUS, MasterCard and Visa. Dial 1-800-872-2881 + area code + local number and follow the voice prompts.

BT: Dial 1-800-744-1144, input your account number and PIN, then dial the number you require.

Canada Direct: Service is available on public pay phones with calling cards from Bell, MTS, Aliant, SaskTel and Telus. Dial 1-800-744-2580 to reach a Canadian operator directly.

MinutePass Plus: no service available

Sprint: Dial 1-800-623-0877. Calls can only be made to Canada and the US (including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Guam, and Saipan/Mariana Islands).

For more information see the section in General Info: Telecommunications.

How should I dress to go out?
Bermuda dress is conservative. Bathing suits, cropped tops, short shorts and bare feet are only acceptable at the beach or around a pool. It is an offence to appear in public without a shirt or wearing only a bathing suit top. Standard running shorts and shirts are acceptable for runners. During the daytime casual sportswear is acceptable in restaurants. In the evenings many restaurants and nightclubs require men to wear a jacket and tie.

Can I use my hair dryer and electric shaver?
Electricity is 110 volts, 60 cycles, which is the same as in North America.

How much should I tip?
In general tip about 15%. Many hotels and restaurants add a 10-15% gratuity in lieu of a tip, so check first, as it is not necessary to leave more unless you feel the service was above average.

Disclaimer: Information is provided as a service to visitors and is updated regularly. All information should be verified prior to travel.

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