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Bermuda | Travel Information

General Info, Travel Info, & FAQs are provided to assist with your vacation.

Visitors, regardless of age, are allowed to bring in duty free one litre of wine, one litre of spirits, 200 cigarettes, 0.5kg of tobacco, 50 cigars and gifts valued at $30 or less. Visitors may bring in beer for personal consumption, but must pay duty of about 30¢ per bottle or can.

For more information contact the Bermuda customs department at 441/295-4816.

Also see the section in General Info: Illegal items.

To import an animal you must obtain an import permit from the Department of Environmental Protection, for which you'll need a health certificate issued and signed by a licensed veterinarian from the animal's home country and issued within 10 days of the animal's arrival in Bermuda.

For complete details visit www.animals.gov.bm or call the Animal Husbandry Clerk, Department of Environmental Protection at tel 441/236-4201.

Flights arrive at the L F Wade International Airport (tel 293-2470; airport code BDA) in St George's Parish. Flying time is about two hours from New York, 2.75 hours from Toronto and seven hours from London.

Airlines that service Bermuda include Air Canada (tel 888/247-2262 or 293-0793), American Airlines (tel 800/433-7300), British Airways (tel 800/247-9297 or 293-1944), Continental Airlines (tel 800/231-0856 or 293-3092), Delta Air Lines (tel 800/221-1212), JetBlue (tel 801/365-2525), Northwest Airlines (tel 800/225-2525), United Airlines (tel 800/UNITED 1), USA 3000 (tel 800/877-3000) and US Airways (tel 800/622-1015).

Note: The phone numbers listed above are local access numbers unless otherwise stated.

Bermuda has three ports: the traditional port in the capital city of Hamilton, where most of the island's stores are located; the town of St George, a UNESCO World Heritage Site of 17th century buildings, narrow lanes and small boutiques; and at the Royal Naval Dockyard in West End, with its small village of shops, restaurants, a maritime museum, art gallery and crafts market.

Cruise lines that call on the island include Carnival, Celebrity Cruises, Costa Cruises, Crystal Cruises, Discovery World Cruises, Holland America Line, Norwegian Cruise Line, Oceania Cruises, Princess Cruises, Regent Seven Seas Cruises, Royal Caribbean International, Seabourn and Silversea Cruises.

The Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre (www.marops.bm) maintains a cruise ship schedule.

The official port of entry is in the port of St George on the eastern end of Ordnance Island. Upon approach all boats must contact Bermuda Harbour Radio (VHF 16 or 27) for guidance into St George's Harbour. Each person on board must pay a BD$15 passenger tax.

For more information visit the Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre's website, www.marops.bm.

Visitors to Bermuda are not allowed to rent cars or drive those owned by residents. Visitors can, however, rent a moped or scooter (see below).

Access Bermuda (tel 441/295-9106 or 236-9000) provides services for physically challenged visitors.

Roads are generally in good condition, although they can be narrow and winding. Outside of urban areas watch for pedestrians along the side of the road, especially at night, as street lighting is poor and there are few sidewalks. Gas stations are generally open 7am-7pm daily with some open until 11pm or later.

You must wear a securely fastened helmet at all times. Driving is on the left and the speed limit never exceeds 35km/hr (20 mph). The sequence for traffic lights is red, red and amber, green, amber and then back to red. Only overtake on the right. Pedestrians have the right of way at all crosswalks. It is illegal to drive while under the influence of alcohol. Children under 16 years are not permitted to drive a moped or scooter.

Traffic circles/roundabouts are used for traffic control. If you've never used a roundabout, remember: vehicles already in the roundabout have the right of way; yield to traffic on your right, signal, then slowly move in and keep left at all times.

Eve's Cycles offers Bermuda Fly'n Ride (tel 293-6188). Through this service you can rent a scooter upon arrival at the airport and immediately explore the island while they take care of delivering your luggage to your hotel.

MOPED AND SCOOTER RENTALS (country code 441)
- Eve's Cycles: 236-6247 (Paget), 236-0839 (St George's)
- Oleander Cycles: 234-2764 (Dockyard), 295-0919 (Hamilton), 236-5235 (Paget), 238-0222 (Reefs Hotel), 234-0629 (Southampton), 297-0478 (St George's)
- Peugeot Sales & Service: 295-0112 (Hamilton)
- Smatt's Cycle Livery: 295-1180 (Pembroke), 295-1180 (Fairmont Hamilton Princess Hotel), 238-7800 (Fairmont Southampton Resort)
- Wheels Cycles: 292-2245 (Hamilton)

Bicycles make a great option for getting around as they are allowed onto the ferries at Hamilton and Dockyard. For rental enquiries you can also check with your hotel front desk. Ensure you specify a pedal bike, as mopeds and scooters are also referred to as bikes and bicycles.

- Eve's Cycles: 236-6247 (Paget), 236-0839 (St George's)
- Winners Edge: 295-6012 (Hamilton)

Taxis have meters and the Bermuda government fixes fares. All taxis should have a rate card displayed in their vehicle. The base fare for one to four passengers is $4.80 for the first mile and $1.68 for each additional mile, and for five to six passengers, $6 and $2.10 respectively. Rates increase by 25% from midnight until 6am, as well as on Sun and public holidays. A flat fee of 25¢ is applicable for each piece of luggage.

Taxis are readily available at the airport. It takes about 30 minutes to reach Hamilton and about one hour to reach West End. The approximate fare from the airport to Hamilton is $20-25; to St George's, $10-15; to the South Shore hotels, $25-30; to the Royal Naval Dockyard, $38-50.

Taxis tours cost $36.50/hr for one to four people and $49.50/hr for five to six people. Ask for a Blue Flag taxi driver, who is certified as a tour guide.

Wheelchair taxis are available. Access Bermuda (tel 295-9106 or 236-9000) also provides services for physically challenged visitors.

Devonshire: Hodgson's Taxi Service, 534-8095

Hamilton: Bermuda Industrial Union (BIU) Taxi Co-Op, 292-4476; Bermuda Taxi Operators Company, 292-4175; Bermuda Taxi Radio Cabs, 295-4141; Bermuda Taxi Services, 295-8294; Ground Control Taxi Service, 747-0149; Taxi Cam, 297-TAXI; T Taxi Todd, 534-7800; Trott Travel, 295-0041; VIP Taxi Service, 534-8688

Pembroke: Nesbitt's Taxi Service, 333-0156; Quinton Binns, 297-0749

Warwick: Darrell & Sons Taxi, 334-8091; Safar Transportation, 236-1606

Elsewhere on the island: First Step Taxi Service (Abbots Cliff), 293-0301; Sandy's Taxi Co (Sandy's), 234-2344; Gladstone A Brown (Southampton), 734-7377

Pink buses, operated by the Public Transportation Board/PTB (tel 292-3851), operate throughout the island, which is divided into 14 bus zones. Bus stops are marked by pink or blue poles. If the top of the pole is pink, the bus is travelling toward Hamilton, and if it's blue, the bus is travelling from Hamilton. If you must change buses to complete your journey ensure you ask for a transfer when you board the bus. Press the buzzer to get off at the next stop.

You must have exact change in coin or use bus tokens, tickets or a Transportation Pass (valid for one, two, three, four and seven days of unlimited use on buses and ferries). Cash fares start at $3 for up to three zones. Tokens, tickets and passes offer substantial savings if you plan on mainly using public transportation.

Tokens, tickets and passes, which can also be used on all ferries, can be purchased at the PTB Central Bus Terminal (tel 292-3851) on Washington St in Hamilton. Many hotels and the Visitors' Service Bureaus also sell tokens and some sell passes. Rates are subject to change.

The Sea Express ferry service (tel 295-6575) provides year-round and seasonal service on certain routes. One-way fares range from $2.50 to $4 for adults and cost $2 for children 5-16 years. Kids under five years ride free. Motor scooters can embark for an additional $4 at Hamilton and Dockyard only, except during some peak periods. Cash is not accepted. You must purchase tokens, tickets or a Transportation Pass (valid for one, two, three, four or seven days of unlimited use on buses and ferries) in advance. They are available at the PTB Central Bus Terminal (tel 292-3851) on Washington St and at the Main Ferry Terminal (tel 295-4506) on Front St, both in Hamilton. Many hotels and the Visitors' Service Bureaus also sell tokens and some sell passes. Rates are subject to change.

The routes are as follows:
- Pink (year round; $2.50 one way): Hamilton, Paget, Warwick
- Green (year round, $4 one way): Hamilton, Rockaway, Somerset Bridge
- Blue (year round, $4 one way): Hamilton, West End, Somerset, Dockyard
- Orange (mid-April to mid-November, $4 one way): Hamilton, Dockyard, St George's

Most of the ferry stops, including Hamilton Ferry Terminal, Royal Naval Dockyard and Rockaway are wheelchair accessible. At other stops some assistance is required. For complete details contact the Hamilton Ferry Terminal (tel 295-4506).

Disclaimer: Information is provided as a service to visitors and is updated regularly. All information should be verified prior to travel.

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