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Villa Listings

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Ocean View

Bedrooms: 4  Bathrooms: 4  Sleeps: 14  Price per week: 7613 - 7613

Located just south of Hope Town, Ocean View is a newly renovated, four-bdrm, four-bath oceanfront beach house with ... Read More

Palmetto Crest

Bedrooms: 2  Bathrooms: 2  Sleeps:   Price per week: 3623 - 3623

Just a short walk from Hope Town, Palmetto Crest is an exceptional, newly decorated two-bdrm, two-bath beachfront home ... Read More


Bedrooms: 6  Bathrooms: 4  Sleeps: 12  Price per week: 11100 - 11100

Dramatically perched atop four lush acres between the ocean and the bay, Paradise is a four-bdrm, three-bath, custom-bui ... Read More

Parliament Harbour House

Bedrooms: 1  Bathrooms: 1  Sleeps: 4  Price per week: 1500 - 1500

Located on a ridge between Hope Town Harbour and the ocean, Parliament Harbour House is a renovated, one-bdrm, one-bath, ... Read More

Parrot Perch and South Cottage

Bedrooms: 2  Bathrooms:   Sleeps: 4  Price per week: 2468 - 2468

Located on a private, six-acre island, Parrot Perch and South Cottage are only a three-min boat ride from Hope Town ... Read More

Peace n' Rice

Bedrooms: 3  Bathrooms: 3  Sleeps: 8  Price per week: 2500 - 2500

Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, Peace n’ Rice consists of two child-friendly beachfront apartments with air ... Read More

Pineapple Beach

Bedrooms: 4  Bathrooms: 3  Sleeps: 10  Price per week: 5100 - 5100

Located in White Sound, Pineapple Beach is an upscale four-bdrm, three-bath, custom-built, beachfront home. It features ... Read More

Pineapple Hill

Bedrooms: 3  Bathrooms: 2  Sleeps: 6  Price per week: 2950 - 2950

Pineapple Hill is a three-bdrm, two-bath, luxury home elegantly furnished with dark hardwoods. It features an open ... Read More

Plantation Beach House

Bedrooms: 3  Bathrooms: 2.5  Sleeps: 8  Price per week: 3000 - 3000

Ideally located between Hope Town Harbour and the beach, Plantation Beach House is a spacious three-bdrm, 2.5-bath home. ... Read More

Point of View

Bedrooms: 4  Bathrooms: 4  Sleeps: 8  Price per week: 4400 - 4400

Situated on the Atlantic Ocean at prestigious Tahiti Beach, Point of View is a four-bdrm, four-bath, beachfront home. ... Read More

Pop's Place

Bedrooms: 2  Bathrooms: 1  Sleeps: 4  Price per week: 1314 - 1314

Just a short walk to the beach, Pop’s Place is a two-bdrm, one-bath harbourfront home with central air conditioning ... Read More

Rock Hill

Bedrooms: 1  Bathrooms: 1  Sleeps: 2  Price per week: 840 - 840

Located in a kid-friendly neighbourhood in White Sound, Rock Hill is a cozy one-bdrm, one-bath cottage with a ... Read More

Rock Hill Cottage

Bedrooms: 1  Bathrooms: 1  Sleeps:   Price per week: 735 - 735

Overlooking White Sound, Rock Hill is a one-bdrm, one-bath cottage with air conditioning in the bdrm and a deck. It is ... Read More

Sail Loft

Bedrooms: 1  Bathrooms: 1  Sleeps:   Price per week: 998 - 998

Bright and breezy, Sail Loft is a spacious one-bdrm, one-bath loft with a well-equipped kitchen and balcony with sea ... Read More

Sasse Dolphin

Bedrooms: 2  Bathrooms: 2  Sleeps: 4  Price per week: 1900 - 1900

Situated in the Tahiti Beach area, Sasse Dolphin is a two-bdrm, two-bath, Loyalist-style island home. It features air ... Read More

Savannah Hill

Bedrooms: 3  Bathrooms: 2  Sleeps: 8  Price per week: 4200 - 4200

Located just north of Tahiti Beach overlooking the Sea of Abaco, Savannah Hill is a three-bdrm, two-bath villa with ... Read More


Bedrooms: 2  Bathrooms: 2  Sleeps: 4  Price per week: 1250 - 1250

Located in White Sound, Scotia is a secluded two-bdrm, two-bath, older waterfront home with ceiling fans throughout, ... Read More

Sea Breeze

Bedrooms: 3  Bathrooms: 3  Sleeps: 6  Price per week: 3360 - 3360

Located at the northwestern tip of Elbow Cay, Sea Breeze is a brand new, air-conditioned, three-bdrm, three-bath ... Read More

Sea Loft

Bedrooms: 1  Bathrooms: 2  Sleeps: 4  Price per week: 1550 - 1550

Overlooking the ocean just south of Hope Town, Sea Loft is a one-bdrm, two-bath, island-style, waterfront hideaway with ... Read More

Sea to Sea

Bedrooms: 2  Bathrooms: 1  Sleeps:   Price per week: 1575 - 1575

Overlooking the Sea of Abaco, Sea to Sea is a beautifully renovated two-bdrm, one-bath oceanfront cottage with central ... Read More


Bedrooms: 3  Bathrooms: 3  Sleeps: 8  Price per week: 5000 - 5000

Seaduction is an upscale three-bdrm, three-bath, beachfront home with open beam ceilings, hardwood and tiles floors ... Read More

Silver Plume

Bedrooms: 2  Bathrooms: 2  Sleeps: 6  Price per week: 1260 - 1260

Overlooking the bay and ocean at the north end of Elbow Cay, Silver Plume is a light and airy, child-friendly home with ... Read More

Star of the Sea

Bedrooms: 4  Bathrooms: 3  Sleeps: 7  Price per week: 4300 - 4300

Star of the Sea is a four-bdrm, three-bath, oceanfront home with central air conditioning, a fully equipped kitchen ... Read More

Starfish Cottage

Bedrooms: 1  Bathrooms:   Sleeps: 2  Price per week: 709 - 709

Located just off the upper public dock on Hope Town’s Harbour, Starfish is a fully air-conditioned, one-bdrm cottage, ... Read More

Sugar Cane

Bedrooms: 3  Bathrooms: 2  Sleeps: 6  Price per week: 2200 - 2200

Overlooking a coconut grove, Sugar Cane is a brand new, three-bdrm, two-bath colourful island cottage. It features air ... Read More
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